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Flatiron Sky-Line in New York

A temporary sidewalk installation by LOT, Flatiron Sky-Line invites New Yorkers to hang out on the street, literally.

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Text by Nadine Botha
Photography by Brian W Ferry

Disarmingly simple, the Flatiron Sky-Line public art installation comprises 10 adjacent arches. Made of white powder steel with inset LED lights, the dynamic form recalls contingent high-rises. Six hammocks whimsically invite relaxation and gazing at the skyline is a welcome contrast to the urban bustle.

“Flatiron Sky-Line is an engaging installation, creating a social space underneath the illuminated arched outline, a structure to walk within and around, gaze through it towards the skyline, and experience Flatiron’s surroundings through a certain lens,” said Leonidas Trampoukis. Along with with Eleni Petaloti, he is principal of LOT, the New York City and Greece based architectural and design firm responsible.

“The simplicity of the installation’s design will draw in audiences, and, we expect, produce significant feelings as they stand in one of our country’s most recognizable intersections,” Trampoukis goes on.

This proposal was selected through the third annual closed-call Flatiron Public Plaza Holiday Design Competition. Just in time for festive cheer, it will certainly offer welcome respite from shopping fatigue in the business improvement district established in New York in 2006.

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Ultralight yet durable, the 35 arches that comprise the sculpture were assembled together thanks to proprietary technology, which allows to distort the shapes of steel elements