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Block by Apparatus

The new Block collection of brass and crystal objects, by Apparatus design studio, is an abstraction of function.

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Text by Nadine Botha
Photography by Grant Cornett

A New York-based design studio, Apparatus has launched four objects made of brass and crystal that will leave you guessing what they are for. Called Block, the collection is a meditation and how we associate system forms with specific functions such as concealing, protecting and supporting.

“Our aim [was] to abstract function, using the idea of what it means to hold as the point of departure,” says Gabriel Hendifar, creative director of Apparatus. “The size of the containers is familiar, but a specific use does not come to mind.”

Each of the four objects by Apparatus entail a hollow brass capsule that is supported by a pedestal made of molten Swedish Barium Crystal. The icy texture is achieved by setting the crystal in textured graphite molds. A sense of time travelling is evoked by the result, which is simultaneously slick and futuristic, as well as raw and primitive.

Says Hendifar: “We imagine the brass forms could conceal ancient relics and messages for the future, or protect precious items.”


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