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DesignerBox & La Jeune Rue

May 15, 2014
GREAT NEWS : DESIGNERBOXFIRST ANNIVERSARY AT D’DAYS  !Designerbox will celebrate its 12 first boxes in collaboration with La Jeune Rue during Designer’Days in Paris next week. The entitled exhibition “Le design marque son temps” will take place from May, 19 to May, 25. It’s Alexander Fresh,...
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Text by Lise Coirier



Designerbox will celebrate its 12 first boxes in collaboration with La Jeune Rue during Designer’Days in Paris next week. The entitled exhibition “Le design marque son temps” will take place from May, 19 to May, 25. It’s Alexander Fresh, a young and talented scenographer, who made the bold staging around the complete collection of the first 12 numbers. 12 designerbox expressing the story of moving objects always created by the greatest international designers.

Designerbox is a unique, membership-based online sales concept for never-before-released designer objects

What is designerbox exactly ?

Each month, you will receive a numbered wooden box, a new object, one not found anywhere else, designed by a star of international design exclusively for designerbox.com. Made in limited quantities for one month only, each object is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed by the designer. A simple way to recapture the collector spirit, rediscover the pleasure of giving and learn more every month about creativity, all at a very affordable price.

With the designerbox concept, founders Tomas Erel and Bénédicte Colpin wanted to share their passion for design and knowledge of leading-edge creation in the world of home décor and international design. Such exclusive articles are often out of reach to many, due to their high prices or limited distribution; our objective is to inspire a collector’s spirit in others and make it possible for you to receive exclusive, limited-edition items created by major design stars and made with natural, noble materials (wood, ceramic, porcelain, metal, etc.) starting at just €29*!

With your choice of a membership lasting either 3, 6 or 12 months, designerbox.com takes you into the very heart of contemporary designer creations. Objects to use, to collect and/or to offer as a gift, articles that arouse curiosity and create the experience of rarity.

The idea :

Give the object value – value to the design, yes, but also a chance to discover the best in home décor/design. In a fun and affordable way, you can rediscover the pleasure of learning about a culture, a personality, an object’s uses, an era, a way of seeing and understanding the world.

Revive the collector spirit – to reveal new personalities and enter the world of contemporary designer creation in quality objects that everyone can afford.

Bring the magic back to gift-giving, whether you are treating yourself or those you love to surprise. Because designerbox is more than just one gift; it’s several gifts for the price of one. Every month, your caring thoughts will manifest themselves to the person of your choice and stay with him or her!

Make design more attainable than ever, because designers are joining in the game endorsing the size of the box, the special pricing, and creating an object that is meaningful to them and you; the site is available in English, French, Spanish, Italian and German.

The designers are chosen based on undeniable talent, renown, the ability to imagine a world despite the constraints and the desire to share their own culture, as they come from all over the world! All are taking part in the project, and what makes the object such a surprise each month is the discovery of the designer and his or her world.

“We wanted to share an idea of the design culture through a designer, a history, know-how.
We wanted to put the creativity of designers and the culture of the object within the grasp of as many people as possible, while focusing on the fun and informative nature of the Internet. We wanted to edit objects whose meanings are tied to the history of both past and present in different geographic and cultural contexts.
We wanted to bring the magic back to gift-giving, in treating yourself or your loved-ones to surprise. We wanted to imbue unusual objects with a collector spirit. We wanted to reveal talents from other worlds – fashion, photography, illustration, jewellery, architecture…and we wanted to share our passion for creativity and the messages found therein.”
– Intentions of Bénédicte Colpin & Tomas Erel

Designerbox#0 : Printed Mirror by Sam Baron / Designerbox#1 : Glass Candlestick by Arik Levy / Designerbox#2 : Light Box by A+A Cooren / Designerbox#3 : Porcelain Vase by Aldo Bakker / Designerbox#4 : Animated Objects by Outofstock / Designerbox#5 : Candle in the Wind by Kazuhiro Yamanaka / Designerbox#6 : Tree for 2 by Marianne Guedin / Designerbox#7 : Body Print by Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance / Designerbox#8 : Process by Pauline Deltour / Designerbox#9 : Black Out Light by 5.5 Designstudio / Designerbox#10 : Egg by Sebastian Bergne / Designerbox#11 : Babylon by Harri Koskinen / Designerbox#12 : Coming soon …

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