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Werk It, Fabian!

Apr 9, 2018

As part of our series on Die Werkstatt, the collective behind our seasonal exhibition at Spazio Nobile, we spoke with designer Fabian Von Spreckelsen about his work

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Text by Noëlle Gardener
Photography by Bruno Timmermans and Jonas Loellmann

At our sister gallery in Brussels, Spazio Nobile, the Season VII exhibition displays the work of Die Werkstatt, a collective formed by designers Damien Gernay, Kaspar Hamacher, Valentin Loellmann and Fabian von Spreckelsen and photographer Jonas Loellmann.

As part of our series on the group, we spoke with von Spreckelsen about craftsmanship, his choice of materials and the animal world as a source of inspiration.

TLmag: What is it about the animal kingdom that appeals so much to you as a source of inspiration?
Fabian von Spreckelsen: It’s the sheer variation inflatable water slides for sale of the animals themselves, in terms of strengths, and the unique beauty of every creature. My approach is to purify the essence and the character of every animal.

TLmag: Why do you choose to work with an industrial material like CorTen steel? Which possibilities did you see in it when you first started working with it?
FVS: It’s the perfect link between a man-made material meant to last forever and, on the other hand, nature trying to gain back the iron and “suck” it back into the soil through the process of rusting. That way, the material is constantly changing its colour, but does not lose any strength.

Is there, you think, a new appreciation for craftsmanship in the design scene?
FVS: I think it is and was always there… but I do believe that people are appreciating it more and more when an object is handmade or even made directly by the artist.

TLmag: What’s the piece in Die Werkstatt exhibition at Spazio Nobile that means the most to you?
FVS: It’s hard to say. Every piece by the artists and designers and craftsmen and the photographer in Die Werkstatt fit so well together, and they’ve created a very positive energy. That means a lot to me.

In my case, everything is very special to me, because I made the pieces completely by myself —so I gave every piece the most precious thing I can give, which is my time.

TLmag: What unlikely experiment do you think has paid off the most for your career?
FVS: To have followed my dream and my vision!

Die Werkstatt – Season VII is on display until May 13

die werkstatt fabian von spreckelsen
die werkstatt fabian von spreckelsen
die werkstatt fabian von spreckelsen
die werkstatt fabian von spreckelsen
die werkstatt fabian von spreckelsen

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