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Iceland: Beautiful and Sublime

Feb 10, 2021

In 2016, Jörg Bräuer visited Iceland where the his photographic series was made for which it was important for Bräuer to observe, listen & connect.

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Text by TLmag

Jörg Bräuer is a German photographer and painter who has traveled the world drawn by places that are sublime, remote, and less altered by humans. He seeks out landscapes that reveal a special type of beauty that relates to impermanence, emptiness, and silence. In 2016, he visited Iceland where the following photographic series was made. While photographing these isolated landscapes, it’s important for Bräuer to observe, listen, connect to the place in sublime silence before taking any pictures, a process that is almost meditational.  About his attraction to islands Bräuer explains, “I like the idea of traveling in time when I visit an island. I find islands maintain time differently and each island develops a particular rhythm, which adds to its character, and is mostly very different to what happens to the rest of the country it belongs to. Also going to an island is about accepting limitations. These limits force me to look closer, to sense more, and to become more creative inside the given limits –– the islands less becomes more.”

More info: www.spazionobile.com   

Jörg Bräuer: http://www.jorgbrauer.com



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German photographer Jörg Bräuer creates evocative landscape scenes. Monolithic, mountainous and textured, the classical black and white images carry allusions to the passage of time, the weight of place and history.