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Lisbon by Design 2024

May 29, 2024

The fourth edition of Lisbon by Design brought together new work by 26 designers, showcasing the made in Portugal spirit and the extensive creative talent working across the country. The fair took place between May 22-26, 2024.

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The 4th edition of the Lisbon by Design Fair recently took place in the historic Palacete Gomes Freire in Lisbon between May 22-26. 2024. Founded and curated by Julie de Halleux, Lisbon by Design featured 26 designers and craftspeople working across a variety of mediums – from glassware to metal to ceramics and even a ‘contamination’ collection, in which materials are built into other materials. “Focused on contemporary interpretations of Portuguese heritage, as well as the deep-rooted connection to tradition and nature, visitors can expect to immerse in an assorted collection of techniques and perspectives,” de Halleux explains. Each year a selection of designers are given a ‘carte blanche’ to create something new for the fair. “My idea is to showcase ‘made in Portugal’ creativity,” says de Halleux. In some cases, designers present solo shows, while others are collaborations. She also introduced several pairs of designers working in different mediums, who, after meeting, decided to do a project together. An intuitive curatorial approach that was very successful.

The darkened, baroque-like installation of Apewood x Sebastião Lobo featured a handcrafted wood table (Apewood) set with baroque-like bronze cutlery made by Lobo, as if ready for a gothic royal banquet. The space also featured a wooden shelf by Apewood, made with beautifully found pieces of driftwood from the Azores, alongside very contemporary metal throne-like chairs by Lobo. “Heaven and Earth” was an installation by Brazilian-born textile artist Bhya Sugai, known as Azure, whose soft textiles contrasted with the terracotta ceramics of Paredidolia Design. Bela Silva and Noe Duchaufour Lawrance presented new ceramic pieces produced by the 175-year old ceramics factory, Viuva Lamego. Another unique collaboration was between textile artist Mariana Rola Peirera and Vago Ceramics, who created works that fuse both mediums, like a mapping of interlocking landscapes, and which speak about the experience of living abroad and the sense of self when living between two places.

Among the solo installations included an ethereal installation by Alan Louis with ceramics, furniture and majestic cloud-paintings. The work mixes soft shapes and materials with spikes or textured surfaces, a reference to emotions and the adaption of nature. Ana Paula Almeida, chemistry teacher by day, produced a series of colourful crochet lamps using spools of overstock wool threads from her parents’ former textile mill. Almeida was always sewing or knitting and decided to take this to the next step but creating one-of-a-kind lamps, each of which has a name such as “Alma”. The Burel Factory, a small family-run company located in the north of Portugal, presents an informative installation showing the process of making their felted wool and textiles using local sheep’s wool and natural dyes. Porto-based Origin Made brings together designers and Portuguese craftspeople to create a modern, minimalist yet warm collection of housewares and accessories.

The intimate scale of Lisbon by Design and its openness to inviting designers to create something new for the space offers an exciting opportunity for people to discover the wide-reaching talent working across Portugal, while giving a new platform for designers to experiment, create and in many cases, collaborate.

Lisbon by Design


Lisbon by Design, 2024, Atelier Daciano da Costa Photo: Claudia Rocha
Lisbon by Design, 2024, Ana Paula Almeida, Photo: Claudia Rocha
Alan Louis, Lisbon by Design, 2024. Photo: Claudia Rocha
Lisbon by Design, 2024, Odile Collective x Miguel Saboya, Photo: Claudia Rocha
Lisbon by Design, 2024, Noe Duchaufour Lawrance, tiles by Viuva Lamego, Photo: Claudia Rocha
Lisbon by Design, 2024, Mariana Rola Peirera and Vago Ceramics, Photo: Claudia Rocha
Azure x Pareidolia Design, Lisbon by Design, 2024. Photo: Claudia Rocha
Sebastião Lobo x Apewood, Lisbon By Design, 2024. Photo: Claudia Rocha

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