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Living Boldly: Gert Voorjans at IIDE

Bright, daring and colorful, the interior designer Gert Voorjans tells TLmag about his practice and upcoming work at IIDE, Brussels

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Gert Voorjans has been a powerhouse in the interior design scene since he opened his Antwerp-based studio in 1997. Rejecting the bland, timid or formulaic, Voorjans approaches interiors with imagination and daring. In his spaces, one will find a whirl of colourscapes and patterns that come together in surprising ways.

From November 17-25, visitors to IIDE – The International Interior Design Exhibition – Brussels, can experience the wonderfully bright worlds that Voorjans creates. He is one of 10 interior designers who was invited to design an immersive room for the exhibition.

TLmag caught up with Gert Voorjans to find out more about what is in store for the visitors of IIDE:

TLmag: Could you describe your philosophy of Interior design in three words?
Gert Voorjans: Colour. Character. Craftsmanship

You have created one of the 10 Designers Rooms at IIDE 2018, what will you be showing?
For this exhibition, we are to creating a unique space with a middle-eastern atmosphere combined with an “atelier” feeling. To do this we have worked with a range of our suppliers to source paintwork, carpentry, lighting, marble & stonework, etc.

For example, we have beautiful uncut marble slates that we made tables and side tables from. We also have an antique Persian carpet which is combined with different modern art pieces that we have curated. In addition, we’ll be showcasing our collaboration with the fabric supplier Jim Thompson with whom we created an exuberant fabric collection that was then used to upholster some furniture pieces from my collection.

Could you describe a particular object that you are pleased to be presenting at IIDE and how it fits into your room as a whole?
I am very excited to show the large Flora table by Marcin Rusak because it is a unique art piece. The natural flowers in the resin have a unique pattern and bright colors which are elements that I love to work with.

Indeed, your interior design uses lots of color and prints. Why do these bright and somewhat unconventional elements attract you?
In this world of grey and “greige”, color brings life into the surroundings. This is not a whim, nor something I overly think about, it comes very naturally to me.

How have you seen Interior design change throughout your career?
There was a lot of uniformity about 15 years ago. Luckily we are now seeing a revival of a more eclectic mixture of interior design with more personal choices. Interior design has become less dictated.

The International Interior Design Exhibition will be open on November 17 and run until November 25 at the Hotel de la Poste, Tour & Taxis, Brussels  

Gert Voorjans
Gert Voorjans
Gert Voorjans
Large Flora Table by Marin Rusak, presented at IIDE by Gert Voorjans and Spazio Nobile
Gert Voorjans
Gert Voorjans
Gert Voorjans
detail of Large Flora Table by Marin Rusak, presented at IIDE by Gert Voorjans and Spazio Nobile

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