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Madrid Design Festival 2024

Feb 12, 2024

The seventh edition of the Madrid Design Festival takes place between February 8 – March 17, 2024, transforming the Spanish capital city with a host of special events, exhibitions and installations from Spanish and international designers and makers.

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Madrid Design Festival 2024 will bring together over 53 exhibitions and installations, 177 brands, institutions and spaces, with the participation of 695 professionals. It is set to be the festival’s most exciting presentation to date and will unite this energetic city through design in many ways. Under the heading ‘redesigning the world’, the same slogan as previous editions, MDF wants to show how design can be a tool to create dialogue, find solutions to new and existing problems and help contribute to a better world. This will be seen in exhibitions and installations as well as through a comprehensive series of talks and events in disciplines ranging from science and fashion to music and craftsmanship.

Some of the festival’s highlights will include:

Fernán Gómez Centro Cultural de la Villa

Castilla La Mancha

This special exhibition will highlight this this region’s important contributions in the field of Spanish craftsmanship, looking at both its cultural heritage and contemporary innovations. Among the participating artists include:  Aitor Saraiba, Wool Dreamers, Fernando Garcés, Fernando Alcalde and Marian Delgado; and the audio-visual editing is the work of Eugenio Recuenco.

Miquel Milá, (Pre)industrial Designer

This exhibition marks the apogee of an exceptional career: a unique retrospective of Miguel Milá (b.1931 in Barcelona), a pioneering figure in the creation and development of design in Spain. Intertwining his personal career and creations, the exhibition will house more than 200 original pieces, plans and original drawings, from prototypes to his most recent works.

Chairs: Icons of Modern Design

This unique exhibition presents an in-depth selection of chairs from the prestigious Alexander von Vegesack collection – Domaine de Boisbuchet. The exhibition is a tribute to him as a collector and innovator as well as to the humble yet expressive potential of the chair and all its many possibilities that can reflect cultural, social and technological changes in our world. The exhibition will include over 70 chairs as well as over 80 related catalogues and books.

CaixaForum Madrid: Vertical Garden

MIL 111 for Año Cajal, Project Nexos

Nexos is an audio-visual work that offers a reflection on the trans-disciplinary influence of the research carried out by Spanish Nobel Prize winner Santiago Ramon y Cajal in the field of Science and technology. This unique installation will take visitors on a visual journey through different neuronal networks of our time: biological, artificial and cosmic.

Palacio Santa Bárbara

Collaboration, Mazda and SACo

Since 2019, Mazda has collaborated with the Society of Contemporary Craftsmanship (SACo), to present a suite of exhibitions as part of the MDF program that highlights a selection of Spanish craftspeople working in materials such as ceramic, glass, textiles, feathers, wood and more.

Museo del Traje

The exhibition Shy Sculpture (Escultura tímida), is a dialogue between traditional and contemporary jewellery. Curated by Concha Herranz, curator of the jewellery collection at the museum, and the contemporary jewellery, Helena Rohner, the exhibition looks at the best Spanish jewellery creations over the last 30-years.

Fiesta Design: Institución Libre de Enseñanza

Weaving Network

Curated by Mario Suárez, this exhibition includes work by Sara Regal, Idoia Cuesta, Adriana Meunié, Pròsper Riba, Roger Coll, Diana Bonet, César Rivas, Lebrel Furniture, Bussoga, Patricia Bolinches, Gorka Olmo, Mercedes Bellido & Daniel El Dibujo, all artists and makers who have chosen to live outside of the city, working often in rural settings and managing thriving studios without depending on the urban infrastructure and traditional career paths.

National Museum of Decorative Arts

On the bias. Women artists and design in the Spanish avant-garde.

This exhibition will open up the archives and re-look at the important contributions by many Spanish women artists and designers in the progression of art and design in the country and internationally. Long overlooked or ‘forgotten’, this exhibition will pair work by the artists alongside photos and archival materials. From sculpture and painting to textile design, ceramics, costumes and interior design, visitors will have the opportunity to discover the role that these artists made in the history of the modern and avant-garde movements.

For a full schedule of events please visit the website:

Madrid Design Festival


Miguel Mila, Photo by Paola Grenet
Work by Miguel Mila as part of the exhibition in his honor at the Feran Gomez Cultural Centre, MDF 2024
SIllas, Installation at the Fernan Gomez Center, Alexander von Vegesack collection, Courtesy of Domaine de Boisbuchet
Gerrit Rietveld, Red and Blue Chair, part of the Alexander von Vegesack collection, Courtesy of Domaine de Boisbuchet
Idiola Cuesta, Weaving Network, Exhibition at Fiesta Design, MDF 2024
Nu Collection, Installation at Roca Gallery Madrid
Nexus, a multi-media installation inspired by Ramon y Cajal at the CaixaForum Madrid
ACDO Studio in Carbanchel, Photo by Teresa Piensos Gomez

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