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Poetic Lab: Rugged Shine

Jan 1, 2017

TLmag spoke to the designer of Poetic Lab about the silver qualities of his Ripple Lamp, which is part of the Silver Edition exhibition at Spazio Nobile.

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Text by Adrian Madlener

Exploring the anapestic potential of design, Poetic Lab founder Hanhsi Chen centres his practice on the thinking and production of silence. Graduating from the Royal College of Art London in 2013, the Taiwanese designer has applied his philosophic approach to projects developed for Logical Art and Beyond Object. Chen has also mounted numerous self-initiated and speculative projects at events like Milan Design Week. Exploring ideas of craft and contemporary production, reduced yet expressive forms, time and emptiness, the designer has already received a number of accolades including the Design Report Award in 2013. Chen’s work has also been exhibited as part of Vitra’s itinerant aufblasbarer hindernisparcours kaufen Lightopia showcase. TLmag spoke to the designer about the silver qualities of his Ripple Lamp that plays also on various thickness of the glass and slow motion. Developed for Austrian heritage brand Lobmeyr, this singular design explores the relationship between light and glass.

TLmag: What is your affinity for silver?
Hanhsi Chen: Even as a metallic material, silver presents a warm and gentle feeling. I prefer when it has a rough rather than mirror finish.

The Ripple Lamp for Lobmeyr features a silver finish. What visual, physical, or metaphoric treatment does this effect allow you to express?
We initially designed the base using high-polished brass to contrast the glass dome. When deciding to create a silver iteration, we employed a brushed finished that achieved a textured effect and the softened the object’s tone.

How did your choice of material allow you adopt an iridescent, reflective or luminous effect within your design?
For The Ripple Lamp project, the choice of material proceeded the design process. In other cases, scenarios or functionalities kick in first. We often look at different material compositions and select the perfect combination of visual and sensual effects. We find that polished metal works well within many of our designs as it can eliminate the trace of physicality and blend into the environment.

In what way can the silver finish and chosen material extend the function of your design?
I think the material provides another layer and meaning to the design but not an entirely new functional role. However, silver does provide an emotional level to the object.

Season III – Silver Edition, design & Silvano Magnone, handmade photography,Spazio Nobile, Brussels (BE), 24.11.2016-19.2.2017, www.spazionobile.com
The Ripple Lamp for Lobmeyr
Designer Hanhsi Chen
Designer Hanhsi Chen
Silver Edition installation view at 25th Biennale Interieur, Xpo Kortrijk. Photo: Jean-François Jaussaud, Luxproductions for Spazio Nobile /TLmag
Installation view of Silver Edition exhibition at Spazio Nobile. Photo: Jörg Bräuer

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