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Spazio Nobile Heads to Art Élysées in Paris

At the Paris fair, Brussels-based gallery Spazio Nobile is showcasing contemporary pieces that explore the alchemy between the organic and the material

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Text by Noëlle Gardener

The Brussels-based gallery Spazio Nobile —part of the TLmagazine family— is celebrating a landmark event this month: since its creation in 2016, it’s the first time the team ventures outside of Belgium, with an exhibition at Paris’ Art Élysées – Art and Design.

The showcase focuses on artists and designers that explore the alchemy between the organic and the material.

There’s the aptly named Sculptural Bench (see cover image), a beech piece by Kaspar Hamacher, who considers himself more a craftsman than a designer —and even then, more a physical rather than a conceptual designer. The Belgian designer is also presenting a set of benches, stools and shelves.

Three pots by the ceramicist Antonio Lampecco, made in 1980 and 2003, is representing Spazio Nobile’s Crystallized exhibition —along with Isaac Monté’s Crystal Vase. Another ceramicist, Russian artist Irina Razumovskaya, is presenting a couple of crackled stoneware pieces.

Carlo Brandelli’s Left Glass Sculptures were born during his trips to Murano, where he’d visit the abandoned glass deposits. “There, I found this unwanted ‘left glass,’ large blocks of pulled crystal poured decades ago.” He began experimenting with the material, trying to use it to sculpt from cold, like stone or marble. The resulting shapes “were strangely reminiscent of the natural forms and colours of the sea, where the mineral once came from.” Someone else exploring the uses of discarded glass? French artist Marlene Huissoud, who included the material in her Of Insects and Men into her Wall Piece n°1, commissioned by Spazio Nobile.

Chen & Williams are presenting their luminous Silver Caviar Sconces in collaboration with Patrick Parrish Gallery, New York—and speaking of luminosity, the exhibition continues on Itinérance Project curated by Atelier Jespers/Jean-François Declercq with Nathalie Dewez’s Moon lamp. Swiss designer Adrian Rovero is presenting his Layered Mirror, two rounded mirror glass panels with a Corian core and base, a gallery’s edition of 5+2.

Frederick Vidal is exploring stone-like elements with prints like Pyrrhocoridae —a similar topic for photographer Jörg Bräuer with pieces like his The Edge of Silence tryptic— while French duo Studio GGSV has turned wool into boulder with their Meteoric Stone rug.

Spazio Nobile’s display at Art Élysées will be open from Thursday, October 19 until Monday, October 23 (11h-20h). The opening on Wednesday, October 18 is by invitation only.

Antonio Lampecco's Pot grand haut mauve clair
Irina Razumovskaya's Visual Memory I
One of Carlo Brandelli's Left Glass Sculptures
Two of the four pieces that make up Chen & Williams' Caviar Sconces
Frederick Vidal's Pyrrhocoridae photograph
Marlene Huissoud's Of Insects and Men n°1
Isaac Monté's Crystal Vases
Adrian Rovero's Layered Mirror
Nathalie Dewez's Moon lamp
Studio GGSV's Meteoric Stone rug
Jörg Bräuer's The Edge of Silence triptych

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