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TLmag39: The Culture of the Object

Dec 1, 2023

Our 2023 edition: TLmag39: The Culture of the Object, is now out! We are so pleased to share our 15th Anniversary Edition, which featured articles, photo essays and carte blanche portfolios by designers, photographers, curators, artists and other leading creatives.

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Text by Lise Coirier

The Culture of the Object: Where the Mind Meets the Soulmate

Près de toi, comme côtoyant Un paysage aux ondes invisibles

que seule l’âme éprouve Chaque chose y est selon le rythme Traversé d’un soleil tardif

mais ardent, mais serein

À l’Orient de tout

-François Cheng

TLmag–True Living of Art & Design celebrates its 15th anniversary in 2023. The journey of this magazine, which was born in 2008, has stamped its identity within an international community of readers. Serving as a bridge between contemporary fine arts and applied arts, the magazine has evolved with its time while projecting a forward-looking perspective on new modes of creation and thought. Designed as a book in motion with a recurring theme that is both cur- rent and avant-garde, TLmag has explored over the years a territory that has been increasingly cultivated by thinkers, creators, and art and design enthusiasts—the realm of collectible art as a land of experimentation and excellence in craftsman- ship. Like an archaeological dig, with hand and mind in search of nuggets of gold and a genealogy of being, TLmag has proven to be a source of incredible shared knowledge and discoveries. By weaving an ever more creative, innovative, and global network, TLmag has naturally found its place, leaving an indelible trace, marked by a quarterly publication at first, then biannual, until settling into its annual cruising rhythm in tune with the increasingly digital age. By encompassing in its reading and writing themes the rituals and customs of our ever-changing society, between war and peace, climate and energy crises, TLmag fits into an open and resolutely humanistic landscape where creation remains the lifeblood of a living body. “The sap and thought,” (Pensieri e linfa) to paraphrase the Italian artist Giuseppe Penone, are at the core of these pages, where words free the object from its permanence to let it take its place in the heart of our life.

Lise Coirier, Photo by Vincent Fournier
The covers of TLmag from 2008-2023
The covers of TLmag from 2008-2023
TLmag39: The Culture of the Object, Photo. by Margaux Nieto
TLmag39: The Culture of the Object, Photo by Margaux Nieto
TLmag39: The Culture of the Object, Photo by Margaux Nieto
TLmag39: The Culture of the Object, Photo by Margaux Nieto
TLmag39: The Culture of the Object, Photo by Margaux Nieto
Bijoy Jain, Sun Tower, Cow dung layer on woven bamboo mat, painted with lime. Line drawing made with orange ferrous oxide pigment drawn using a silk thread. Sculptural elements made of stone, cow dung and lime. Photo by Neville Sukhia, courtesy of Fondation Cartier
Ernst Gamperl, 44/2022//300,2022, Turned oak wood and butterfly keys, unique piece, signed and dated by the artist, Houghton Oak Project, Courtesy of the Artist & Anthony Slayter
Aldo Bakker, B (Urushi), 2019, Urushi, Ishimeji Maki. Production: Rutger Graas & Sergej Kirilov. Photo by Matt Harrington, Courtesy of Carpenters Workshop
Pao Hui Kao, Paper Pleats, 2023, Tracing paper, rice glue, Urushi lacquer, red pigment. Photo by Studio Mass, Courtesy of Spazio Nobile

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For TLmag39: The Culture of the Object, Adrian Madlener wrote about Alice Stori Liechtenstein’s curatorial vision for Schloss Hollenegg, the 12th century castle that she shares with her family in the Southern Austrian countryside, and which features an annual design exhibition and residency program. In 2023, she presented an exhibition on glass titled, “Ashes + Sand”. On May 4th, 2024, they will open “Wood Land”, an exhibition that will focus on the forest and its primary resource, wood.