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Archeo Black by Vincenzo de Cotiis

New York’s Carpenters Workshop Gallery mounts a solo show of celebrated Italian craftsman Vincenzo de Cotiis and debuts the new Archeo Black collection.

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Known for his ability to transcend material complexities and formal minimalism, Italian architect-cum-craftsperson Vincenzo de Cotiis is an important figure in the art design world. Carpenters Workshop Gallery dedicates its palatial New York penthouse to its longtime artist with a special showcase of his new Archeo Black collection (9 March to 22 April). The solo show features a range of sculptural furniture pieces that – true to de Cotiis’ approach – combine architectonic geometries and amoebic shapes with seamless layers of deeply ingrained marble and fibreglass. Contrasting the different haptic qualities of stone and textile-like surfaces, the various coffee, dining, and sideboard table applications exude a sense of frozen time. In hues of black, different gradients are almost peeled away, uncovering various corners and hard edges. With this new hand-crafted series, De Cotiis works with patinas and other surface treatments to emulate African art and archaeology. The signs of time and ageing are celebrated.

Archeo Black: 9 March to 22 April
Carpenters Workshop Gallery
693 5th Ave. New York, NY



DE COTIIS_DC 1701 (Coffee Table)_02
DE COTIIS_DC 1701 (Coffee Table)_03
DE COTIIS_DC 1701 (Coffee Table)_04
DE COTIIS_DC 1701 (Coffee Table)_05
DE COTIIS_DC 1702 (Coffee Table)_03
DE COTIIS_DC 1702 (Coffee Table)_04
DE COTIIS_DC 1702 (Coffee Table)_02
DE COTIIS_DC 1704 (Coffee Table)_01 -¬Kasia Gatkowska
DE COTIIS_DC 1704 (Coffee Table)_02
DE COTIIS_DC 1704 (Coffee Table)_04
DE COTIIS_DC 1705 (Dining Table)_01 -¬Kasia Gatkowska
DE COTIIS_DC 1707 (Console)_01 -¬Kasia Gatkowska
DE COTIIS_DC 1707 (Console)_04 -¬Kasia Gatkowska
DE COTIIS_DC 1710 (Side Table)_01 -¬Kasia Gatkowska
DE COTIIS_DC 1710 (Side Table)_02 -¬Kasia Gatkowska
DE COTIIS_DC 1710 (Side Table)_03

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