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TLmag 30 Extended: Archæology Now!

Artistic and scientific practices come together in these extended pages of TLmag’s 10th anniversary edition. More than ever, archaeologists are operating in sensitive areas and in territories that have become increasingly difficult to access. By collaborating with contemporary artists and designers, modern archaeology is openening up to other disciplines – transforming itself into a “platform of invention”.

50 years have passed since the death of Carlo Mollino. This may be little time when speaking about archæology, but in the electronic era, this half-century separating us from Mollino – designer, architect, inventor, artist, photographer, thinker, dreamer – has taken us on a journey through time. Another reality allows us to speak of Mollino in archæological terms: his secret house, inspired by the Egyptian principle of the need to build a house to shelter our future existence: the pyramid.

Erez Nevi Pana’s research gives an answer to a specific question: is it possible to conceive design without using any kind of material derived from animals? Born in Bnei Brak (Israel) in 1983, the designer transfers his attitude of deep respect towards life.

Greek artist Athina Ioannou maximizes and reinterprets painting through minimal and economic means. Her sensuous ‘abstract’ painting – what she refers to as ‘plus-painting’ – arises from the ‘intensification’ of ready-made carriers through the patient all-over saturation of her work with linseed oil.

Glenn Adamson

By focusing on craft and materiality as a common fabric, curator and writer Glenn Adamson’s practice hopes to cross cultural and language barriers alike. TLmag spoke to Glenn to learn more about his extensive research on material culture, his thoughts on distributed authorship and the need for designers and artists to create curiosity in fraught political times.

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