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TLmag 29 Extended: Afriques / Africas

For the much-awaited reopening of the Royal Museum for Central Africa in Tervuren, Belgium—rebaptised AfricaMuseum (which reopened its doors on 8 December 2018) — TLmag journeyed to the vast African continent to explore the artistic inventiveness of creative Africans on a local and international scale. This fascinating edition was challenging, maybe even impossible to create, considering the density of material in the many ‘Africas’: 54 sovereign countries, nine territories and two de facto independent states, each constantly changing, attempting in its own way to exorcise the colonial and post-colonial past and to achieve hyper-modernity. In the extended pages of our 29th print edition, we continue our journey and highlight African artists, designers, architects and photographers who are producing universal, powerful and lively works.

AFIKARIS Gallery presents Human@Condition, Cameroonian artist Jean David Nkot’s first extensive solo exhibition in France. The exhibition highlights an all-new series of Nkot’s signature hyper-realistic portraits over mapped backgrounds.

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