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Christian Astuguevieille Goes Zero Carat

Brussels’ Collectors Gallery is presenting Zero Carat, a line of sculptural, fantasy-like jewellery devised by the French polymath

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Text by Rab Messina
Photography by Gilles Van Den Abeele and Stéphane Nigentz Gumuschian

Christian Astuguevieille has built a career out of creating the accoutrements for his many imaginary worlds. From furniture that looks like it belongs in a Brothers Grimm tale set in an African savannah to a series of unclassifiable anti-perfumes as the artistic director of Comme des Garçons’ fragrances, the French polymath challenges the canon of every design category he steps into.

And now’s the time for jewellery.

With Zero Carat, a collection of sculptural pieces that seem born underwater and underground, he plays with the expectations of girth and breadth that one might have about fine jewellery. They are, as described by Bruno Gaudichon, “a paradox.” The playful pieces are now on display at Brussels’ Collectors Gallery.

Our favourite one? The exquisitely built necklace made of gloves that stand fierce, ready to slap away those who trespass the user’s personal space. Judging by her recent public appearances, we know of a certain woman on Pennsylvania Avenue who might be really interested in adding this piece to her accessories collection.

Zero Carat is on display at Collectors Gallery’s new location (Rue des Minimes 12) until May 20.

christian astuguevieille zero carat
christian astuguevieille zero carat
christian astuguevieille zero carat
christian astuguevieille zero carat

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