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COLLECTIBLE 2018: The Impermanent Collection

Mar 6, 2018

The Brussels-based gallery is showcasing the work of Marion Duclos Mailaender, Pierre Coddens, Julien Colombier and Adrien Vescovi in their COLLECTIBLE outing

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Text by TLmag Team

We’re gearing up for the first edition of COLLECTIBLE here in Brussels, and we’ve asked some of our favourite galleries about their selection for the fair. In today’s highlight: Brussels’ own The Impermanent Collection.

TLmag: Which artists and designers are you featuring at COLLECTIBLE?
The Impermanent Collection: We’re showcasing the work of designers Marion Duclos Mailaender and Pierre Coddens, as well as artists Adrien Vescovi and Julien Colombier.

In this project we are collaborating with Emilie Pischedda, the director of the Sorry We’re Closed gallery here in Brussels. We’ve actually produced and made the furniture for Adrien Vescovi, which we will present during the fair among a series of his mural works, made out of textiles. We got inspired by Franz West’s Elemental Design furniture sculptures.

TLmag: Why do you think collectible design is such an important force right now? 
The Impermanent Collection: Because we want a material environment that resonates with our lives. We want a material environment made out of singular objects, furniture and art that are able to tell good stories, that reveals significant concepts to us. A material environment that can tell about an intellectual and cultural curiosity that an individual or an institution can have toward the world he lives and evolves in.

Collectible design is important because it shows us a sophisticated expression of art and savoir-faire that brings together creative, intelligent and historical relevance.

TLmag: Why did you decide to participate in COLLECTIBLE?
The Impermanent Collection: We decided to participate in COLLECTIBLE to share the whole story behind every creation presented on the booth, and to reach a larger audience outside of the gallery walls, among a great selection of people who support contemporary creation.

COLLECTIBLE, a new fair devoted exclusively to 21st century collectible design, will be held from March 7-11 in the Vanderborght building

A piece by Adrien Vescovi
Julien Colombier's Palmier in his atelier
Marion Duclos Mailaender's vases

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