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Earth, Glass, Fire: Spazio Nobile at Collectible 2022

May 21, 2022

For the fifth edition of Collectible Design Fair, Spazio Nobile presents a vibrant installation dedicated to the ‘fire arts’, showcasing works in ceramic and glass, as well as wood and paper by emerging and established artists.

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Text by
Photography by Margaux Nieto

On the occasion of Collectible, Spazio Nobile introduces some new designers from the North (Sweden) and East of Europe, while marrying this Western culture with the Far Eastern sensibility of Pao Hui Kao (TW), finalist of the Loewe Craft Prize, who creates her furniture pieces in tracing paper, laminated with rice glue and Urushi lacquer.

Celebrating the elements of earth, air, fire, wind, water and light, the gallery brings together artists and designers who are at the heart of contemporary practice and research in their preferred materials, experimenting with both their properties and aesthetics. These talents each distinguish themselves in their own way in this material and holistic expression of contemporary applied arts.

Disciplines intersect and the fire arts are given pride of place, including ceramics, with sculptures in manganese stoneware, painted with Falun red or covered with Indian ink by Lisa Hellrup (SE), those in chamotte stoneware by Päivi Rintaniemi (FI), in stoneware with pellets by Kristina Riska (FI) and in glazed stoneware by Bela Silva (PT), completed by two large gouaches, «Conversation between trees» and «You are like an electric comet».

The «Echo» vases in painted porcelain and mixed techniques by Foyer Brisé (NL) and enamelled with 10% gold by Marie Corbin for Ker-Xavier (FR) create very subtle variations around the decoration. The glass artists and designers at the fair also push their own boundaries: Åsa Jungnelius’ (SE) mouth-blown sculptures – “Implements, Queens Helmets and Scones” – , the metallic glass installation sprayed with clear body paint «Month of May, it’s a violent Thing» by Fredrik Nielsen (SE) – also finalist of the Loewe Craft Prize – , the «Vessels» by Josef Divín (CZ) sealed with silver foil, and the new bronze-rimmed cast glass “Ondulation” wall lamps by Lila Farget (FR) are eye- catching. Textiles are also physically present with the cotton and nylon rope tapestry “Flower Blood Moon” by Jacqueline Surdell (US) and the hand-tufted pictorial tapestries “Giorni Felici” by Vera Vermeersch (BE). The furniture chosen for this exhibition is monoxylean creations by Kaspar Hamacher (BE) in wood carved with fire, so-called “intimacy” cabinets in tanned leather and fire-eroded iron by Fabian von Spreckelsen (DE) and seats in fossilised coal by Jesper Eriksson (FR/SE). To celebrate their first duo show ‘Serendipity’ by Kiki & Joost at the gallery, which opens on Saturday 21 May, Spazio Nobile is exhibiting a number of glazed ceramic mirrors and furniture ‘Ceramic Collage & Wall Story’ by Kiki van Eijk (NL) and a new collection of patinated steel lights by Joost van Bleiswijk (NL) as part of this strong and art-like presentation. All the works on display are unique pieces or limited editions.





Vera Vermeersch and Foyer Brisé, Installation view: Earth, Glass, Fire, at Collectible 2022
Lisa Hellrup sculptures with Ksapar Hamacher's Max Chairs, installation of Earth, Glass, Fire, Collectible 2022
Vera Vermeersch tapestries and Florian von Spreckelsen furniture, installation of Earth, Glass, Fire, Collectible 2022
Bela Silva, Kristina Riska and Païvi Rintaniemi, Installation view: Earth, Glass, Fire, at Collectible 2022
Spazio Nobile, Installation view: Earth, Glass, Fire, at Collectible 2022
Spazio Nobile, Installation view: Earth, Glass, Fire, at Collectible 2022
Jacqueline Surdell and Kaspar Hamacher, Installation view: Earth, Glass, Fire, at Collectible 2022

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