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EDIT Napoli: A New Design Fair in Naples

With just days before its first edition opens, EDIT Napoli’s founders Domitilla Dardi and Emilia Petruccelli, caught up with TLmag to talk about what we can expect of Italy’s newest design fair.

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Text by Blaire Dessent

When EDIT Napoli launches on June 6th it will be the first design fair of its kind in Italy, if not worldwide, and that was the intention of its founders, Domitilla Dardi and Emilia Petruccelli. The fair will give focus to the designer-maker and feature a selection of independent designers, craftsman, producers, and small-scale manufacturers presenting furniture and objects readily available for purchase rather than prototypes and galleries. There will be over 50 exhibitors, including original collaborations between designers and local manufacturers, a special series of EDIT talks and culinary experiences throughout the 4-day event.

The seeds of EDIT came with wanting to do something different, something new. “We did a lot of research and studio visits and have curated the fair to fit our vision of what EDIT Napoli can be. We were honest with people about what we were doing and the results have so far been beyond our expectations,” says Domitilla Dardi. The two founders bring diverse professional backgrounds to the project, which may be part of its unique approach; Emilia studied engineering and finance and worked for the World Bank (among other companies) before opening Mia, her innovative gallery in Rome. Domitilla, an art historian, had spent several years as curator of collectible design for Miart. When Emilia approached her about doing something together, Domitilla felt that the collectible design market was already quite full and and established, so she asked Emilia about how she does her own research for the gallery and the kind of fair she would want to visit to find new work. From there, the focus on creating something that offers designers the opportunity to present work directly to the public and for buyers the chance to connect directly with designers whom they may not have otherwise known became clear.

For both Domitilla and Emilia, Naples was a natural choice for the location of the fair, which will take over the historic Monastery of San Domenico Maggiore in the city-centre. “The idea to host the fair in Naples came hand in hand with the idea,” says Domitilla. “In Naples, you have to go beyond the surface, behind the walls (in order) to find a secret garden or ceramic sculptures; What you can find in EDIT is a new way of taking your time to understand your vision and a real human connection—and Naples is perfect place for this.”

EDIT Napoli will feature a mix of bigger names, such as French designer, Constance Guisset and Italian ceramics brand, Bitossi, as well as emerging designers and makers. Over the course of the last year, three designers participated in a Residency program aimed at creating an exchange between the heritage of Southern Italy with contemporary designers. New York City based ceramic artist, Reinaldo Sanguino, spent a month in Minori working with local artisans, and naturally didn’t want to go home when it was over. While the artisans learned his style and techniques, Sanguino branched out of making unique pieces and created his first collection of objects. Work by Lebanese designer, Khaled El Mays, who worked with leather and metal artisans and Fabarhama, who collaborated with a local silk factory will also be on view.

As it would not be right to do a fair in Naples without some attention on food, EDIT Table by Food Confidential curated by Nerina Di Nunzio, will offer a platform to show off the possibilities when it comes to l’art de la table, and for presenting good food in a creative and beautiful way.

EDIT Napoli, www.editnapoli.com, @edit.napoli

June 6-9, 2019

Bitossi Ceramiche ©Delfino Sisto Legnani
Victoria Episcopo, Papaver Somniferum © Matteo Pastorio
Social Label Hout by Piet Hein Eek & Woodworks
Simone Crestani, Eterea console table © Alberto Parise
Sarah Anne Rootert, Collection One tables © Lotte van Uittert
Rometti, Paros © Courtesy of Rometti
Piatto Unico, Acrobati © Courtesy of Piatto Unico
Nika Zupanc, Loyalty Cabinet for Sé London © Courtesy of Nika Zupanc
Nayef Francis, Cul de Sac ©Karen & Josette
Max Lipsey, Woven Bench © Casper Sejersen
Manufatto, Ballerina © M-STUDIO
Dusk Dawn table lamp by Branch Creative © Courtesy of GHIDINI1961
Domenico Orefice, Salvadané © Paolo Belletti
De Castelli Marea by Zanellato:Bortotto ©Alberto Parise
Constance Guisset Apollo lamp © Constance Guisset Studio
Ceramica Gatti Laboratory © Francesco Biondi fotografo
Bottega Intreccio Lisetta © Courtesy of Bottega Intreccio

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