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One Year at the Gobelins

The results of the Master in Experimental Design at the Manufacture des Gobelins are on display in Collection(s), an exhibition at the Galerie des Ateliers de Paris

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Text by Rab Messina

There’s something beautifully puzzling about having the students of a Master in Experimental Design so close to the Gobelins: it’s a bout of technical and creative curiosity inside an institution that honours tradition. As Les Ateliers de Paris explains, “the goal of the Master’s programme is to educate designer-researchers who are able to question any form of human environment, as well as their own disciplines.”

Out of that mix came Collection(s), an exhibition that displays the results of the one-year residencies from 13 students from the Écoles Supérieures d’Arts Appliqués in Paris —namely, Boulle, Duperré, Estienne and de l’Ensaama. This is actually the thirteenth year that Le Mobilier National, with the Gobelins, Beauvais and Savonnerie manufacture houses. On this occasion, the students worked at the d’Angiviller pavillion at les Gobelins, producing eight works that refer to the institution’s archives but also figure out new uses for old materials.

For more information on the students behind a selection of the projects, please refer to our image captions.

Collection(s) is on display at the Galerie des Ateliers de Paris until April 28

gobelins camille gasser
PROJECT BY Camille Gasser (also on our cover image)
gobelins lore ladogne
PROJECTS BY Emmanuelle Beaumont, Lore Ladogne and Susie Petit-Jean
gobelins louise chevallet
PROJECTS BY Léora Brientini, Louise Chevallet and Etienne Pouponnot
gobelins audrey briot
PROJECT BY Audrey Briot
gobelins roman crouigneau
PROJECT BY Roman Crouigneau
gobelins noemie cadet
PROJECT BY Noémie Cadet
gobelins emmanuelle lepinay
PROJECT BY Emmanuelle Lépinay

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