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Jörg Bräuer, A Holistic Visionary

Jul 27, 2015
Mastering a holistic approach all his own, German-born Brussels-based Jörg Bräuer works across the board between sublime photography and refined graphic design. He explores everything from the power...
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Mastering a holistic approach all his own, German-born Brussels-based Jörg Bräuer works across the board between sublime photography and refined graphic design. He explores everything from the power of light, texture and form to the monumental contrast between the sharp lines of modernist architecture and organic forms found in nature. Bräuer’s all-encompassing approach allows him to see projects through from start to finish – experiments in time and space meet initial visions or commissions and follow through to the almost meditative act of shooting, processing, selecting and arranging images. When it comes to curated editions or exhibition, Bräuer even designs his visual communication material, logos and scenography. However complex the subject matter, larger-than-life prints reflect a keen eye that eliminates distraction in search of the essential.

Having encountered photography and the treatment of different themes at an early age, the German-native went on to study graphic design at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology, an education that later landed him a position at top firm Pentagram. Developing signage, he was exposed to the urban-scale and the city’s rich visual language. As part of a diverse team, he also delved into other modes of communication including layout and book design. Moving to London brought Bräuer back in-contact with a European sensibility. He opened his own agency and conceived graphic identities for major companies. In search of new frontiers, he moved to Barcelona and spent a year in Mallorca. It was here that Bräuer returned to his affinity for photography and developed his first longterm series. Mallorca was concluded in an extensive anthology  and was later followed by Falaise and Conversation en Silence projects. Rendering objects and landscapes with light at specific moments of the day began to cultivate his lens.

Valuing a career that spans different cities, continents, cultures and styles, Bräuer’s work has been feature in multiple exhibitions. Celebrated series have brought him many accolades including: Prix de la Photographie Paris, Black Spider, PDN-Photo District News and Graphis Gold awards.

Today, Bräuer pulls together a dynamic set of practical and philosophic skills to capture architecture and interiors. With photography as his medium, images move from abstraction, detailed elements, clearly defined spaces and overall site-views. Stark stone reliefs can easily play off of soft wood or greenery. Similar to an approach employed in artistic projects, light becomes a paint that renders form – a music he conducts to his liking. With layout and book design as his medium, he works meticulously to select, reduce and sequence images. Creating a clear story flow that both communicates to and delights the reader. The photographer and graphic designer also conceives a visual framework – layout, logos and styles that pay homage to the printed images. Bräuer’s books are as holistic and refined as his process.


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