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Le Jardin Des Songes: Spazio Nobile at PAD Paris

Mar 28, 2023

On March 29th, Spazio Nobile opens Le Jardin des Songes, an exhibition of work by a selection of artists and designers for the 25th annual PAD Paris at the Tuileries Garden, through April 2, 2023.

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Text by TLmag

PAD Paris celebrates 25-years this year starting off with its annual spring fair in Paris at the Tuileries Garden. Spazio Nobile will be participating with a special exhibition titled, Jardin des Songes, or ‘Garden of Dreams’, with work by François Azambourg, Foyer Brisé, Sébastien Caporusso, Florence Coenraets, Marie Corbin, Vincent Fournier, Ernst Gamperl, Éva Garcia, Garnier & Linker, Kaspar Hamacher, Pao Hui Kao, Katherine Huskie, Päivi Rintaniemi, Bela Silva, Ann Beate Tempelhaug, Joost van Bleiswijk, Kiki van Eijk, Vera Vermeersch, Quentin Vuong and Philipp Weber.

This garden connects us to our imagination. It is an invitation to travel into dreams that bring us closer to our inner fragility and sensitivity. The symbolism of the garden comes from afar, at once bucolic, mysterious and a reflection of the civilization to which it is attached. It has always been associated with the earthly paradise, but also with the heavenly paradise and illustrates the first state of humanity. It is also the image that governs the construction of medieval gardens. It can also be seen as a symbol of intellectual culture against the disorder of ignorance. It is in the heart of the Babylonian gardens that the fountain of immortality flows, from which the myth of the Fountain of Youth probably derives. In the Far East, the garden is an emanation of the cosmos. The artists and designers of Spazio Nobile have created works that pay homage to this garden, whether it is still in its forest state, secret or labyrinthine, magical, reflecting the seasons, the lunar or solar calendar, or a pure projection of their artistic vision and feelings.

Some of the work on view at PAD Paris includes a collection of ceramics by French duo, Foyer Brisé, who use brokenness as a point of departure in their work. Worthless and faulty at first glance, the labor-intensive pieces are delicate collages of personal and shared experiences as seen from the perspective of their creator; a new series of painterly photographs by Vincent Fournier titled Flora Incognita, which tell the story of a journey into a reinvented nature, one that is in constant formation; a selection of the colourful cut glass vases by Garnier & Linker, wood turned vessels by 2017 LOEWE Craft Prize winner, Ernst Gamperl; intricate feather paintings by Belgian artist, Marie Corbin, the delicate Mercure mirrors and Votive Stools by Quentin Vuong, who will have hist first solo show with Spazio Nobile in 2024, and the delicate, hand-built ceramic bowls by Finnish artist, Päivi Rintaniemi.

PAD Paris opens with a VIP event on March 29th, with a public opening on March 30 and will be on through April 2, 2023.





Foyer Brisé, Echo, 2023, mixed media on porcelain, 27 x 16 x 16 cm, Edition 5/20 + 2AP
Quentin Vuong, Votive Stool, 2023, Handcarved massive oak & metal nails, 40 x 40 x 45 cm, ed. 1/8 +4AP
Bela Silva, Une bouche pleine de baisers, 2023, sculpture, painted and glazed stoneware, 16 x 95 x 26 cm, Unique piece, signed by the artist
Kiki van Eijk, Structuring Chaos, 2023, knots, passementerie and raku ceramics, 316 x 183 cm, Unique piece
Vincent Fournier, Nerine Oncognita, 2023, Inkjet print on HR Ilfoflex Prestige, 90 x 65 cm, Edition of 1/10 + 2AP
Garnier & Linker, Diatomée, 2018-2021, Sculpture vase, lost-wax molten glass, 30 x 10 x 10 cm, ed of 20 + 2AP in each colour
Garnier & Linker, Diatomée, 2018-2021, Sculpture vase, lost-wax molten glass, 30 x 10 x 10 cm, ed of 20 + 2AP in each colour
Päivi Rintaniemi, Ara, 2010, Stoneware clay with shamott sculpture, 38 x 87 x 72 cm, Unique piece, photo by Sofia Rintaniemi,
Ann Beate Tempelhaug, Ouvert, Porcelain stoneware sculpture, 112x178x18cm, Courtesy of the artist and Spazio Nobile Vertical position, Photo by Ketil Olav Sand
Ernst Gamperl, 75/2022/180, 2022, Turned oakwood and butterfly keys, 81 x 43 x 37 cm, Unique piece, signed and dated by the artist
Ernst Gamperl, Detail of 75/2022/180, 2022, Turned oakwood and butterfly keys, 81 x 43 x 37 cm, Unique piece, signed and dated by the artist

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