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Garnier & Linker: New Projects

Jul 12, 2022

TLmag caught up with Guillaume Garnier and Florent Linker during Milan Design Week in June. The French creatives presented a beautiful, Japanese-inspired exhibition in 5VIE.

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During the 2022 edition of Milan Design Week, Garnier and Linker presented a new body of work, including two new collaborations, which reflect the French brand’s connection to traditional handcrafted techniques and materials as well as Japanese heritage. The immersive installation in 5VIE featured furniture, lighting, and objects, in a mise-en-scene that allowed visitors to experience their vision and approach.

The influence of Japan is seen in a new collection of home accessories, such as vases, candle holders and containers, which use techniques such as Urushi lacquer, Washi paper and special-enamel Gaku ceramics. In addition, they brought a new collection of furniture made with Kitayama cedar, a unique wood that only grows in the north of Kyoto.

Milan offered the perfect platform to present this new work that has developed out of 2+ years of research and trial. As the duo says, “Being back to Milan means a lot to us after many cancellations due to Covid. Usually Milan Design Week is the time where we show our new creations, it is a very important time of the year and the result of a long process of creation and development. Since we couldn’t exhibit for such a long time – and because we wouldn’t stop creating new products! – we came with a lot of new work that includes a collection of objects, furniture and new lighting.”

Milan was also the debut for two new collaborations; One with Clara Champsur, who created the CLARA screen through engraving and analog photography to create unique monotypes which were then mounted onto a lacquer screen, and another with Maya Kitakado Cannon, whose MAYA screen is made with bespoke paper from fibers, with a texture inspired by Garnier & Linker surfaces, which is then dyed using the juice from persimmon and mounted on a cherry wood screen.

“We started talking with Maya during confinement, so we had to find ways to develop the project without having the possibility to meet. But it turned out to be quite efficient since we had a lot in common. And with Clara, even though she lives in Paris, we actually met her in Kyoto while she was studying Urushi lacquer at the Fine Arts School. At that time, we were also working on Urushi lacquer with a workshop, which led to our MASU boxes collection. When Clara was back in Paris, we visited her workshop in Beaux Arts we fell for her in printing and started a whole new project. Milan was the perfect opportunity to present these two new collaborations, which was also a first for us.”

For more details visit their website or the Paris showroom and other select galleries around the world.



All photos courtesy of Garnier & Linker.


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