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Art Light at Carpenters Workshop Gallery

Carpenters Workshop Gallery mount Let There Be Light at their New York Penthouse. The group show celebrates the wildly successful platform’s 10th anniversary and the many talents it represents.

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In dark times, light can guide the way. Bar the obvious cliches, Carpenters Workshop Gallery mounts Let There Be Art Light at their New York outpost. Clad in dark walls, the penthouse space hosts a wide variety of limited edition or one-off light pieces, designed by the major platform’s growing list of world-renowned talents. The dramatically eclectic display celebrates Carpenters Workshop Gallery’s 10th anniversary. After a successful run in Paris, this special group show reveals how today’s leading designers push the limits of what light can achieve and how lamps can be formed. Using the refractive qualities of semi-translucent to translucent materials like glass or resin, these creatives pay homage to age-old crafts-based techniques. Others champion the freeing formal attributes of LED and OLED technologies. Far gone are the days of incandescent bulbs. Illuminated structures can now snake, bubble, stretch, interact and peep through solid materials. Highlights include Johanna Grawunder’s Goldbar (Dark Grey) matrix-like chandelier, Stuart Haygrath’s ironically provocative Raft-Cat lamp – incorporating a collection of porcelain cat figurines – and Random International’s Swarm Study – a 3D grid of sensor lights reacting to collective movement patterns.

Art Light
26 January – 4 March
Carpenter Workshop Gallery
693 Fifth Avenue, New York


LEHANNEUR_S.M.O.K.E Onyx (Pink)_03
S.M.O.K.E Onyx by Mathieu Lehanneur
LEHANNEUR_Spring Lamp (Irish Green 52 cm)_02
Spring Lamp by Mathieu Lehanneur
Swarn Study X by Random International
RAVAGLI_Barometro Table Lamp 2.1 (Green Alpi)_03
Barometro Table Lamp 2.1 by Giacomo Ravagli
HAYGARTH_Raft Cats (Large)_02
Raft Cats by Stuart Haygarth
HAYGARTH_Raft Cats (Large)_01
Raft Cats by Stuart Haygarth
GRAWUNDER_GoldBar (Black)_02
Goldbar (Dark Grey) by Johanna Grawunder
De Cotiis_DC 1609 (Wall Lamp)_04
DC 1609 by Vincenzo de Cotiis
AVL_Pappamamma Lamp Bronze_01
Pappamamma Bronze Lamp by Atelier Van Lieshout
CARBONELL_Table Cocoon 12_03
Table Cocoon by Nacho Carbonell
BRAJKOVIC_Lathe Lamp (Black)_02
Lathe Lamp by Sebastian Brajkovic
AVL_Bronze Family Lamp_02
Bronze Family Lamp by Atelier van Lieshout
Jewel by Atelier Van Lieshout
WURM _Director's Girlfriend_01
Director's Girlfriend by Erwin Wurm
TSCHIEMBER_Open Space 1 (Trapeze)_01
Open Space 1 (Trapèze) by Morgane Tschiember
TSCHIEMBER_Open Space 1 (Trapeze)_02
Open Space 1 (Trapèze) by Morgane Tschiember
TSCHIEMBER_Open Space 5_01
Open Space 5 by Morgane Tschiember
TSCHIEMBER_Open Space 5_03
Open Space 5 by Morgane Tschiember

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