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At Random: Marlène Huissoud

May 17, 2018

As part of our series on the artists and designers behind Spazio Nobile’s The Random Collection, we asked Huissoud about her thoughts on collecting the unique

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Text by Noëlle Gardener

How does the fact that these pieces are unique in a series impact your work?
I don’t want to reproduce at this stage in my career, as my work gains spontaneity when I produce unique pieces.

How do you think design is evolving nowadays towards the field of contemporary art? How are both interacting?
There are no limits, and that is the main element of creation. The borders between art, design and craft are almost non-existing anymore. Why would we want to put a practice in a box? The strength of an artist is to touch every domain he or she wants, without controlling the final outcome.

For me, it’s important that my design evokes something strong in the way it is made or politically engaged with something happening around us —particularly today, when the politics around the world are more and more dictated and obscure, so I don’t feel the need to define myself too much.

Why do we have fine arts versus visual arts, separate? Do you think they should be interacting more?
I think there has never been so much interaction and fragile boundaries between both of them. I believe in no limits, no boundaries, no dictates. You should do what you feel is right for you.

Is functionality an important consideration in your process?
I’ve never really determined who I am, because I still don’t know and don’t have the urge of defining what I do. I really enjoy the fact that people call it art or design. Sometimes a piece is a vase or a sculpture, depending of the viewer.

I’ve always played with the functional and non-functional aspect of my pieces, and I don’t establish any boundaries. It is all a question of reading the piece and how you experience it.

How do you perceive your work both as part of The Random Collection and as part of your overall production?
My experience with drawings was the first step in my career, as it was the perfect medium to experiment with. Then I started to become restricted by the 2D medium and started to work a lot in 3D. But still, drawing is an important research phase for me, as it is so spontaneous and allows me to express myself very quickly.

Marlène Huissoud’s La Petite Mort series is part of The Random Collection, celebrating the 10-year anniversary of TL Magazine. Launched at Art Brussels (19-22 April), it is always available at the Spazio Nobile Gallery in Brussels and will be at an upcoming exhibition at the Biennale Interieur in Kortrijk from October 18-22.

marlene huissoud
La Petite Mort n°1
marlene huissoud
La Petite Mort n°2
marlene huissoud
La Petite Mort n°3
marlene huissoud
La Petite Mort n°4
marlene huissoud
La Petite Mort n°5
marlene huissoud
La Petite Mort n°6
marlene huissoud
La Petite Mort n°7
marlene huissoud
La Petite Mort n°8

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