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Neolith’s Estatuario Meets Ford

Aug 21, 2017

The new-stone product plays a large role in the stand of architect Héctor Ruiz Velazquez’s imagined design for a Ford Vignale car

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Text by Rab Messina
Photography by Dámaso Pérez - Fototec

For the latest edition of Casa Décor in Madrid this summer, Spanish architect Héctor Ruiz Velazquez presented his dream version of a Vignale car for client Ford España. To make the oneiric transparency of the automobile even more impressive, he decided to surround it in the veined slabs of Neolith’s Estatuario new-stone.

Space was the main challenge, as Ruiz Velazquez only had 20 m2 to work with. He needed to “make the place look larger, transporting visitors into the middle of a car factory. The installation takes the people on a journey between reality and dream, where a car appears to be floating on a production line. This was achieved by playing with light and mirrors. I wanted to create a truly unique and supernatural experience.”

Part of that experience is the Estatuario wall-to-floor coverage he used in the installation, as the grey veins against a white background provided a sense of breadth, giving the illusion of a much wider space.

The result is an eye-catching stand that fits perfectly both in its actual place, the Antonio de Maura street in the elegant Salamanca neighbourhood, as it would in a concept art proposal for a Luc Besson sci-fi film.


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