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Tribal Art in Paris

Explore the world of tribal art in the 17th edition of Parcours des Mondes 2018 taking place in Paris from September 11-16

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Masks, sculptures, items of ritual, utilitarian objects, animal and figurative representations from across the globe come together at the tribal art fair, Parcours des Mondes (Journey of the Worlds). In its 17th edition, the iconic fair invites collectors, curators and the curious to visit its many locations and galleries across Paris’ Saint-Germain-des-Prés district.

At first glance, the fair seems keen to satisfy a fascination for exoticism and the “other” in showing pieces from Africa, Oceania, the Americas and Asia. However, the curators aim to use the fair as a platform for expressing the universal human experience that exists without borders by showing recurring themes that have been explored from continent to continent. This year’s  exhibitions were selected based on the subjects of magic and the supernatural thus questioning the limits of intellectual and spiritual existences.

Another feature of this year’s Parcour des Mondes is a homage to the milestone 1930 exhibition of African and Oceanic Art that took place at the Galerie du Théâtre Pigalle. This historic event had the huge impact of bringing tribal art to a global market and developing knowledge and taste in this field. It also brought to light the influence and inspiration that modernist artists, such as Pablo Picasso and Charles Ratton, gained from tribal arts. In honor of the pivotal 1930 exhibition, a retrospective show that reunites many of the works from the original display will take place at Espace Tribal during the fair. Conceived by two young players in the tribal art market–Nicolas Rolland and Charles Wesley-Hourdé–in collaboration with Tribal Art Magazine, there will also be archival documents and photographs exploring the history of the show on display.

Once again, the Café Tribal returns to offer a series of talks from specialists, museum curators and collectors. The morning talks will focus on the 1930 exhibition. There will also be afternoon talks where speakers such as Adam Lindemann, the fairs honorary guest president for 2018, art collector and author of Collecting Contemporary (2006) will offer insights into the world of tribal art.

Galleries taking part in this year’s Parcours des Mondes include: Galerie Alain Bovis, Dandrieu Giovagnoni, Galerie Dodier, Martin Doustar, Galerie Olivier Larroque, Galerie Abla et Alain, Lecomte, Mingei Japanese Arts, Galerie Kevorkian, Galeria Guilhem Montagut, Galerie Indian Heritage

Parcours des Mondes will take place from September 11-16  

Parcours des Mondes
hei tiki ornament Nephrite of the kawakawa type, mother of pearl of haliotis Height : 11.8cm Ca. 19th century or earlier Maori population. Central Westland, South Island. New Zealand
Parcours Des Mondes
Peigne Suku représentant une famille sur une draisienne, début XXe s. (R.D. Congo), Bois. © Hughes Dubois
Parcours des Mondes
Ornement d'épée Akan, Fin XIXe / début XXe s. (Ghana / Côte d'ivoire)), Or. © Hughes Dubois
Yurei by Minagawa Tosen
Parcours des mondes
A standing male figure with arms to the side of the body. Height : 121cm Carved wood. Ca. Second half of the 19th century Population Iatmul. Middle Sepik River. Papua New Guinea © Vincent Girier-Dufournier

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