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Quentin de Coster for OTHR

May 23, 2017

Belgian-born San Francisco-based designer Quentin de Coster debuts the Dash Dot desk-set for innovative brand OTHR.

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Can technology be crafted? Can craft integrate technology? For Belgian San Fransisco transplant Quentin de Coster, the answer is yes. Working with award-winning New York brand OTHR, the young talent has developed the new Dash Dot desk set, that both champions new advancements in 3D-printing and the richness of noble materials. For de Coster, simplicity and subtlety can be achieved through the haptic, tactile and experiential qualities that already exist in various materials. Form and function can be determined or directed by these attributes. In this case, the Fuseproject associate opted for polished bronze. The series of paper weight/ vessels – an ode to the classic Belgian péniche boat – are sharp geometric statements that upon closer investigation reveal complex 3D-printed and layered surfaces. The Dash Dot collection just released at the OTHR store this week.


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