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A World of Creativity at New York’s Salon Art + Design 2018

In the historic rooms of the Park Avenue Armory, The Salon Art + Design 2018 showcases an array of works that invite visitors to discover something unique

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In the iconic Park Avenue Armory – a quasi-palace and quasi-industrial shed – 56 galleries representing 30 countries display their artworks at the 7th edition of The Salon Art + Design.

The fair, produced by Sanford Smith + Associates, creates a vibrant picture of the creative industries by  bringing together works that range from classic and abstract antiquities to Art Nouveau, Deco, Mid Century Modern and the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s and culminates with the latest work of emerging practitioners.

In curating this dynamic selection Jill Bokor, the Executive Director of The Salon Art + Design says “We’re very keen to create a mix of galleries in terms of work shown, looking for as little duplication as possible, we also show a wide range of locations of exhibitors that represent a wide sweep of periods.”

At this year’s Salon, there is also the special addition of a site-specific installation by Callidus Guild, an art for architecture studio. The installation will be exhibited in the Historic Library Room at The Armory and is made up of a series of stone columns built into towering monoliths which are encrusted and embellished in metals, stone and tooled marble dust. Yolande Batteau, artist and Creative Director of Callidus Guild, tells us that her material choice for this installation was based on her “continuing investigation of historical materials and innovative methods for making surfaces and art for architecture.”

She describes the process of creating the piece which revolved around “the challenges of implementing some of my artwork into a larger scale which included figuring out what materials could replace a plaster of Paris cast into in a monumental wall.” However, these challenges eventually led Batteau “to discover and play with many new, catalyzing materials that achieved wildly unexpected results.”

Newcomers showing at this years Salon include: Carolle Thibaut-Pomerantz (France), Chahan Gallery (France), Donzella (U.S.), Galerie de la Béraudiére (Belgium), Galerie Hervout (France), Glass Past (U.S.), Heller Gallery (U.S.), Mouvements Moderns (France), Phoenix Ancient Art (Switzerland/U.S.), Southern Guild (South Africa), Dansk Mobelkunst (Denmark) and The Future Perfect (U.S.).

Jill Bokor tells TLmag that she hopes that visitors to this years Salon will discover “new possibilities of how materials are changing and how unexpected pieces can work together.”

The Salon Art + Design will be on display from November 8 – 12

Salon Art + Desgin
Yolande Batteau or Callidus Guild setting up her installation at the Historic Library Room at The Armory
Salon Art + Design
Campana Brothers - Bacteria Carpet -3HR
Salon Art + Desgin
John Pomp shown by Jeff Lincholn
Salon Art + Design
John Pomp shown by Jeff Lincholn
Salon Art + Design
Galerie Maria Wettergren
Salon Art + Design
Galerie Chastal Marechal - ROYERE,Fauteuil, Elephanteau
Salon Art + Design
Moderne Gallery - John Cederquist, Cajon de los Muertos, Cabinet

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