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The Diva! Red, Black and ‘Brillant’ by Delvaux

For the 60th anniversary of the Brillant collection, the luxury goods company Delvaux has released The Diva – a special edition handbag

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Text by Noëlle Gardener

The Diva, adorned in red or black, is ready to party for the 60th anniversary of Delvaux’s the Brillant collection which came to be in 1958.

However, the luxury handbag company’s history dates back even further. Founded in 1829, by Charles Delvaux the leather-goods company aimed to cater to female elegance with trademark handbags. The bags have been sported celebrities around Belgium and internationally since 1883 when none other than Marie-Henriette, the wife of King Leopold II, declared Delvaux to be the Official Supplier to the Belgian Royal Court.

Since then, the brand has pursued an ethos of excellence and refinement. However, in 1958 they also added a touch of fun into the mix with their the Brillant collection. This collection was created for the 1958 World’s Fair. For the occasion, Paule Goethals created a piece that was both a handbag and a sculpture. The bag referenced the two intrinsically Belgian art movements of symbolism and surrealism. The original Brillant had a striking buckle and an iconic silhouette that has been passed onto the 64 future generations of the accessory.

Over time, it has become somewhat of a tradition that with every tenth anniversary of the Brillant, the handbag is reimagined in a limited edition. For its 50th anniversary in 2008, the bag grew with a maxi-version entitled the Brillant Black Edition. Other versions have seen it miniaturized in the Little Bitty Brillants series, made with iconoclastic PVC, sheathed in exotic leathers and printed with bold graphic designs.

This year’s 60th-anniversary edition – The Diva – was inspired by the Golden Age of Hollywood. The red edition, in particular, brings to mind Marilyn Monroe’s bright red lipstick. It’s extra shiny exterior, which is finely detailed with a metallic framing, is made from a new Norwegian bull leather. Inside this glossy exterior, one will find a double-bodied compartment in which to store precious belongings. And, perhaps, a few of the secrets and thrills that come with being a true diva will be stashed in the handbag too.

Archival image of the original design of Brillant 1958
The Diva, detail 2018
1960 - Delvaux - ADV - 1960 inspired by Jacky Kennedy
The Diva, 2018, limited edition
The Diva, 2018
Brillant MM X Ray, 2014, Limited Edition
Brillant MM Ethiopia Ivory Ndebele, 2018, Spring Summer collection
2008 - Humeurs de Brillant, L'Humour
2018, Spring Summer, Brillant Black Edition Vaudou Alligator White
2017, Noâl, Brillant Micro Golden Glory

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