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Tools Galerie: Limber Gems by Pleunie Buyink

Refracting off of natural emulations and geometric cuts, Pleunie Buyink’s flexible Limber Gems soften corners and extend light from all angles.

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Text by
Photography by Roel van Koppenhagen

With fresh spectrums from all angles, Limber Gems by Dutch designer Pleunie Buyink will refract throughout the fair floor at this year’s PAD Paris (31 March – 3 April). Presented by Paris-based Tools Galerie, the ‘interior jewellery’ series employs layers of flexible rubber and resin to emulate crinkled foil or chips in natural stone. Weather the depiction of remote landscapes or eye irides, Limber Gems catch reflections at every turn. This new composite extends light throughout space while softening any hard edge between floor and wall. The rough and random texture plays on sharp geometric forms. Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Buyink customises this new raw material for any colour-range, size, or specification. Formalised in 3D, Limber Gems can also take-on sculptural qualities.

PAD Paris: 31 March – 3 April

Jardin des Tuileries
Facing 234 rue de Rivoli
Opposite rue de Castiglione



modern blue object 2
silver : red : purple object
blue object 1
Limber gem, 1 diameter circle, silver and warm gold color combination, Limber Gem, first edition photographer Roel van Kopenhagen.
limber gem Pleunie Buyink 7
limber gem Pleunie Buyink 4
multi color objects
squares 5

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PAD Paris returns to the Tuileries for the 26th edition of this collectible art and design fair. The fair is on view between April 3-7, 2024.