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Villa Noailles: View on Côte d’Azur Living

Art centre Villa Noailles in France presents a view on the French Riviera through holiday home Villa Reine by architect Barry Dierks. Until 20 March 2016.

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Text by Heini Lehtinen
Photography by Laurent Kronental

Architecture exhibition Villa La Reine Jeanne at art centre Villa Noailles in Hyères, France, provides a view on the high society holiday homes at Côte d’Azur in France through one holiday home. Built in 1928, the eclectic, vernacular and modernist Villa La Reine Jeanne represents a particular era and climate of the French Riviera. In addition to functioning as a private holiday home, the villa was also devoted to entertaining and culture with a capacity to receive around thirty guests at a time.

Located at Bormes-les-Mimosas coast, Villa La Reine Jeanne is one of the first constructions designed by architect Barry Dierks, who later undertook more than hundred commissions in the region. The exhibition also highlights Dierk’s work as a prolific and high society architect.

The exhibit consists of plans, archives and photographs explaining the architecture of Villa La Reine Jeanne and its location. The first layer of the building and the space is complemented by a contemporary perspective of a commissioned photographer Laurent Kronental, who offers a second examination of the architecture and the location. •

Exhibition Villa La Reine Jeanne, Cabasson at Villa Noailles in Hyères, France, on 21 February–20 March 2016. The exhibition coincides with architecture exhibition Landskates.

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Villa La Reine Jeanne. Photography commissioned by Villa Noailles. Photos Laurent Kronental, 2015.


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