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Wintercheck Factory at Volta NY

Brooklyn-based duo Wintercheck debuts Collection 700: Reception at Volta NYC (1 to 5 March).

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Brooklyn-based studio Wintercheck Factory  – Kristen Wentrcek and Andrew Zebulon Williams – does not only transcend the boundaries of art and design, but also the perception of material. Developing projects for a slew of clients, the duo introduces its own work in a series of strategically chronological collections. Each explores the conceptual potential of a given material, context of production or colour. Channelling a true, honest American spirit, these sculptural yet functional pieces play heavily on a confluence of form, composition and tension; juxtapositions that put physical and ethereal forces in contact with each other. One might even describe their influence as Judd-esque with a touch of Sottsass; however, more refined. Debuting at this week of Volta NY (1-5 March), Collection 700: Reception reveals Wintercheck’s foray into natural Vietnamese rubber SVR-3L. Bridging a sharp contrast between clean-lined and stone-like ‘sliced’ masses, the rare material is presented with glass-wire and Corian base structures for a wide variety of applications. The full collection of limited edition pieces will make up the Wintercheck Factory Lounge: an installation occupying 750-square foot (70 square-metres) of promenade space at New York’s Pier 90. 

Volta NY
1 – 5 March
Pier 90, New York


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