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André Fu: A Personal Expression of Living

This Milan Design Week, Architect André Fu launches his lifestyle collection Modern Reflections that is based on key elements of his creative practice.

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Architect André Fu created a lifestyle collection based on key elements of his creative practice, which will be launched globally this Milan Design Week 2019. The celebrated architect has previously designed the world’s most high-end hotels and restaurants. He is known for his modernist sensibilities and distinctive ability to bring a calm simplicity to interior spaces. In 2016 he stepped into the world of lifestyle, with André Fu Living, for which he has collaborated with many other creatives.

This new standalone collection Modern Reflections is greatly influenced by the traveling between his birthplace Hong Kong and Cambridge, where he studied architecture. It celebrates Fu’s nomadic life and experiences. The collection is full of elements that are inspired by childhood memories of significant places and many different cultures.

Fu reflects: ‘’We are living in a digital era with constant social media distractions, unlike the generations before us. It is important to be able to step back. This means having time and space to reflect on our personal journey. This echoes my strong belief that we need to learn from the past in order to foster creativity. To me, true luxury is in the experience and not just the aesthetics.’’

He does not wish to impose a lifestyle but to create a personal expression of living with a collection that includes 150 items. These vary from furniture to table stationary. All the items are designed to decorate a room with understated elegance made of elegant textiles and materials such as porcelain, cashmere, and silk. Initially, the collection incorporated two design languages: Artisan Artistry and Vintage Modern.

The new collection will be available exclusively from Lane Crawford Hong Kong and Shanghai until July 2019.



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