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Material Tendencies: Fabio Novembre

Nov 5, 2017

Italian architect and designer Fabio Novembre describes himself as a wise monkey who feels at home in the jungle. Maybe this is why some of his works err on the wild side.

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Text by Anita Hackethal

Anita Hackethal, Architonic: If you had to work with one material for the next three years, which would you choose?
I would choose glass. Our culture is a transparent culture. We always have to tell the truth and need to be transparent. Glass is such a strong metaphorical material. It is man-made and yet perceived as a natural [true] material.

Can you identify certain trends in materials?
I believe that the real creative people are the ones that go into the forest and ignore any traces of people who were there before. Otherwise you are a follower. You are not someone who makes the path. You need to be brave in order to go to places where nobody has been.

What do you think of the expectation to continually produce something NEW?
Unavoidably, things are new. But the point is, we are polluting too much –not only in a physical sense, also in a visual, semiotic sense. Let’s try to only make things that we are very proud of. Things that really testify to our path. Just make your “best of.” Do less, but do it better.

This article originally appeared on Architonic, where TLMag presents articles in French and English.

Him, Her & Joy for Casamania
Void Collection for Ceramica Flaminia
RoBox bookshelf for Casamania
Adaptation for Cappellini
And spatial concept for Vondom
Jolly Roger for Gufram
Luciola chandelier for Driade
Lantern for Kartell
EUR stool for Kartell

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