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Material Tendencies: Khodi Feiz

Oct 8, 2017

Architonic spoke to Iran-born industrial designer Khodi Feiz. With his small studio, based in Amsterdam, Feiz is specialised in furniture design and consumer technologies.

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Text by Anita Hackethal

Anita Hackethal, Architonic: If you had to work with one material for the next three years, which would you choose?
Materials are an ever evolving issue and when looking back, I find the tendencies always return to the use of natural materials such as steel, wood, fabrics… so I would say my favourite material is natural (laughs).

There is a lot of evolution happening within scientific research, and I think that lightweight materiality is a big subject at the moment, which is something that I am interested in as well. Fibre technologies and fibre materials are coming into our domain, especially in furnishing.

Have new technologies influenced your working process?
Not really. For our projects we use technology very heavily, yet all initial ideas are designed on paper. This has not changed for me. I still love the feeling of pen on paper.

What do you think of the expectation to continually produce something NEW?

In my opinion, there is nothing new under the sun. Everything is inspired and evolved by something else. Looking at a screw can lead into the development of a chair. Inspiration is a very big part of our process and that is how I see newness. Thinking of an object in a new context can lead to surprising results.

What is your superpower?
I am so happy that I can draw and sketch. Because these skills enable the translation of my imagination and thoughts into something real. In this way, I am so blessed.

This article originally appeared on Architonic, where TLMag presents articles in French and English.

Extens dresser for Artifort (2017)
7760 collection for Gelderland/Hutten
Balans for Artifort
Envaya mini for Denon
Palma Wood for OFFECCT
K780 for Logitech

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