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Brafa Art Fair 2022

Jun 20, 2022

Brafa Art Fair has opened its 67th edition. On view through June 26th, the esteemed fair that focuses on ancient art up through contemporary, will be open to the public at Brussels Expo.

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Text by TLmag

Brafa Art Fair, first established in 1956 and specialised in fine art, antiquities, as well as modern and contemporary art, returns to its in-person format this week at Brussels Expo, an important location on the Heysel plateau that is part of the history of the Brussels Universal Exhibitions of 1935 and 1958.

Brafa has always stood out from other fairs for its distinctive approach to featuring work from as far back as the Bronze Age up to present day – from beautifully crafted Islamic art to Renaissance paintings to Art Deco furniture to rare antiques to modernist furnishings.

The fair, which this year features 115 galleries from 15 different countries, opened to the public on June 18th and will be on view through June 26th.  In addition to the presentation, the fair will have a series of afternoon talks by industry professionals and there are also art tours being offered by appointment.

In addition to the galleries’ presentations, Brafa is featuring a special guest of honour, Belgian contemporary artist, Arne Quinze, whose art draws its inspiration from the beauty of nature. This Belgian contemporary artist, painter and sculptor has always wondered about the role of our cities and has begun to try to make them open-air museums. His work rapidly evolved from Street Art to Public Art, with recurring themes such as social interaction, urbanisation and diversity informing the creation of works that range from small to medium sized to monumental. Shocked by the continual destruction of nature by humans, his meticulous work is connected to his admiration and observation of wildflowers, particularly with the wildflower garden that surround his studio in Sint-Martens Latem, formerly a centre of Flemish Expressionism. About his work and the installations on view at Brafa, he says, The wild lupine flower as a symbol for diversity. Throughout my many travels, I began to notice that where monocultures geographically started, the natural wildflower fields stopped growing. The beautiful wild lupine, itself a victim of cultivation, has become my ally in bringing back diversity to our society. She flaunts herself in my garden with her wildflower peers as an inspiration for my oil paintings and metal sculptures. Quinze’s work is also being presented by Maruani Mercier Gallery, who has exhibited at Brafa for over 15 years.

Brafa is open from 11h–19h. Day tickets are available for 25€. For 26-16 year-olds tickets are 10€ and under 16-year olds are free. Check the website and Instagram for more details.



View of Brafa 2022
Arne Quinze at BRAFA Art Fair 2022, Photo by Fabrice Debatty
François Xavier Lalanne, Lapin polymorphe, 1968/1988, Bronze H 26.5 x W 34 cm x D 9.5 cm Monogrammed FXL, 1/8, Rocher foundry. Courtesy Galerie Mathivet
Head of a Cycladic idol of the Spedos type Early Cycladic II, circa 2700-2300 BC Fine grained marble, H 10.5 cm, Courtesy Galerie Günter Puhze GMBH
José Zanine Caldas, Lounge Chair, Pequi wood Brazil, ca. 1970, 65 x 65 x 65 cm Courtesy Axel Vervoordt, Antwerp,
Lucio Fontana, Concetto Spaziale, 1966 Gold paper leporello, with punched holes, bound in yellow vinyl covered boards 15.5 x 10.5 cm, unfolded 127 cm, Courtesy of Repetto Gallery

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