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Design at Large: Halard’s Tomorrow is Now

This edition of the Design Miami/Basel 2018 programme, curated by François Halard, is focused on twentieth and twenty-first century architectural expression

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Text by Rab Messina

The 2018 edition of Design at Large at Design Miami/Basel, with selections by photographer François Halard, is focusing on recent and current architectural expression.

“With Design at Large and the various projects presented I am looking at how the past has influenced the now and how the now may influence the tomorrow; it is all linked,” he explained. “Ideas are the bedrock of art and design––will and craft makes them physical, and time is the mediator. In some of these projects we can see concepts that have defined the last 50 years of art and design as well as in other ways we may see the seeds of the cities of tomorrow, and yet only time will tell.”

The nine selected projects are unified by this concept, which focuses on the lasting impact of good design.

[1] Masatoshi Izumi and Koichi Hara’s Stone Screen Tokonoma
Nature challenges architecture, refocusing our attention through the tension and communication between the two. The central element, a heavy mass, makes visitors ask “What’s on the other side?”
Presented by Gallery Japonesque

[2] Jean Prouvé’s Architecture
This selection is a series of emblematic elements of architecture spanning Jean Prouvé’s oeuvre, comprising works from both Prouvé’s demountable houses and schools as well as examples of his curtain-wall mur rideau facades.
Presented by Galerie Patrick Seguin.

[3] Gaetano Pesce’s Dujardin
In 1994 Pesce was commissioned to create the architecture and the interior design for Dujardin children’s store in Knokke-Le-Zoute on the Belgian coastline. He used the opportunity to shake up codes and common ideas.
Presented by LAFFANOUR–Galerie Downtown

[4] Gaetano Pesce’s Sedia Portaritratti
The title of four-metre tall installation, conceived by Pesce, is a play on the Italian words for “drawing,” “portrait,” and “frame.” The monumental chair is covered in human caricature portraits, which stand for the diversity and uniqueness of human nature.
Presented by Salon 94 Design

[5] RDAI Architecture’s Dining Room Pavilion
This a complex micro- architecture, a cupola within a wooden trelliswork. The dome houses a warm and inviting dining room.
Presented by Galerie Philippe Gravier

[6] Zhang Zhoujie Digital Lab’s Endless Form
This project incorporates artificial intelligence into the design process: by exploring how AI can map the real world and create individualised furniture based on its interactions, the Zhang Zhoujie Digital Lab has developed a hardware sensor chair that collects data when people sit on it.
Presented by Gallery ALL

[7] DiscoGufram
Based on the historical pieces the company has presented in its catalogues since the and times of the Italian Radical Design movement, Gufram asks visitors to dance at DiscoGufram, its very own disco.
Presented by Gufram

[8]Lina Bo Bardi Giancarlo Palanti Studio d’Arte Palma 1948-1951
Focusing on the work realised at the Estúdio de Arte e Arquitetura Palma, this is the largest collection of Bo Bardi’s furniture ever brought together. Many of the pieces displayed are rare objects originating in Brazil.
Presented by Nilufar Gallery

[9] Atelier Luma
The four pavilions displaying a selection of the atelier’s projects, developed from natural resources— algae, sunflowers, mussel waste, and rice husks—to create sustainable, innovative materials.
Presented By The Luma Foundation

Design at Large is taking place between June 12-17

design at large
Masatoshi Izumi and Koichi Hara’s Stone Screen Tokonoma
design at large
Jean Prouvé’s Architecture
design at large
Gaetano Pesce’s Dujardin
design at large
Gaetano Pesce’s Sedia Portaritratti
design at large
RDAI Architecture’s Dining Room Pavilion
design at large
design at large
Lina Bo Bardi Giancarlo Palanti Studio d’Arte Palma 1948-1951
design at large
Atelier Luma

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