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DESIGNART TOKYO: Redefining a New Style

Oct 26, 2020

This year the DESIGNART TOKYO festival takes place from 23rd of October until the 3rd of November and boasts an avant-garde space.

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The world’s largest furniture trade fair held annually in April, Milan Salone (Milan Design Week), was canceled this year. Domestic and foreign companies and creators aiming for a global expansion have seized global business opportunities by first presenting them in Milan and strengthened branding in Japan for many years. Now that the significant movement of the industry has stopped, DESIGNART TOKYO offers an opportunity to bring out their works from Japan to Italy and to the world, with 2020 as the starting point located in Jasmac Aoyama from 23rd of October until the 3rd of November. It boasts an avant-garde space seen in Italyʼs Postmodern design and is a work of Aldo Rossi, an Italian architect, and designer. He is also known as a winner of the Pritzker Prize, which is equivalent to the Nobel Prize in the world of architecture. Enjoy the vibrant exhibition in space like another world.

The Design Art Gallery of the festival is being held at Omotesando Hills located in the center of Omotesando in Tokyo, a city of mixed cultures, and exhibit innovative works by up-and-coming designers and artists from Japan and overseas. Works will be gathered across the boundary of design and art, so visitors can feel the appeal of the festival in one place. In this edition, the organization attempted to redefine the new style of home office that can deal with changes in the work environment and feelings and attitudes as they have had a great impact in various fields. The venue is the World Kita Aoyama Building, known as an incubation space. The venue is composed of Shuhei Kamiya, a remarkable architect who continues to refine his unique view of the world, from architecture and design to creative direction. A special exhibition will highlight the collaboration of Petit Beauteau with Deyrolle, a Parisian institution for natural sciences and pedagogy. Terayama will express the collection universe by mixing the softness of Petit Bateau fabric, the Deyrolle illustration’s delicateness, and the details of the real plant with the coldness of artificial flowers.

The collaboration exhibition between Japanese-style Painter Risa Murakami and Tory Burch, a lifestyle brand that embodies the sensibility and style of the designer, comes from the inspirations of art and interior design. This time, Murakami will be drawing a new painting inspired by Tory Burch and its store. Art collectors will spread the fascination of art towards a prosperous future of Japan where art would be abundant, at “Art Summit”. The power of art will be disseminated through collections and events hosted by Shigeru Aoi, a real estate developer in Japan and overseas, and an owner that operates a cultural facility complex in Hiroo, Tokyo.

Tokyo Art Acceleration [TAA] also opened an art complex, ANB Tokyo, in Roppongi. The six floors will be operated as a community lounge, gallery, and studio to support the production activities of artists, form an art-oriented community, and hold exhibitions and talk events. The opening exhibition “ENCOUNTERS” (October 11th to November 8th, 2020) is a remarkable exhibition of works by up-and-coming artists. The title takes the plural form of “encounter”, which was named for a wish that all people involved in ANB Tokyo encounter others beyond their respective fields and attributes to open new doors, and a setting where this unique space encounters society.


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