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Granby Workshop at Clerkenwell London

London Design Festival marks a timely opportunity to see the work of architecture collective Assemble, fresh off winning the 2015 Turner Prize.

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From large-scale installations to one-of-a-kind showpieces to contemporary craft, many of the projects and exhibitions at London Design Festival blur the line between art and design. In this sense, social architecture collective Assemble fits in perfectly among the offerings: Last year, they won the prestigious Turner Prize, awarded annually to a British visual artist under age 50, inspiring debate about whether their community-driven restoration projects could be considered “art”. It is precisely the material outcome of their work — furniture and products from the Granby Workshop — that will be on view at Clerkenwell London during LDF2016.

The project originated with “Granby Four Streets” restoration project in Liverpool, which is among Assemble’s signature projects. Now nearly five years on, the Granby Workshop, which produces and sells products and fixtures made from locally salvaged materials, represents the backbone of the revitalized community. Granby residents worked with members of Assemble to develop “experimental and improvisational processes” to produce one-of-a-kind “mantlepieces, bookends, planters, lamps and tabletops, made from cast demolition waste (aka ‘Granby Rock’)”.

As part of the Design Undefined fair, Granby Workshop will occupy the ground-floor Platform and windows of Clerkenwell London from 19–24 September, 2016.

ZETTELER_ClerkenwellLDN_LDF2016_Granby Worshop_01
ZETTELER_ClerkenwellLDN_LDF2016_Granby Worshop_02
ZETTELER_ClerkenwellLDN_LDF2016_Granby Worshop_03
ZETTELER_ClerkenwellLDN_LDF2016_Granby Worshop_BEN_QUINTON_Assemble_Liverpool_0635
ZETTELER_ClerkenwellLDN_LDF2016_Granby Worshop_MarieJacotey_concrete casting

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