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Kaspar Hamacher: Strength in Serenity

Jul 3, 2021

Kaspar Hamacher attempts to create a connection between humans and nature, his work is currently on show at Spazio Nobile Gallery and CID au Grand-Hornu.

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Kaspar Hamacher is currently South-Belgium based but schooled at Academie Beeldende Kunsten in Maastricht (the Netherlands) where his practice as artist, sculptor, designer, and/or craftsman took shape. His sole focus on timber goes beyond the object itself and has a certain spiritual depth with a clear aim as he mentions in conversation: ‘’The aim is to reconnect humans with nature’’. This makes his participation in the group exhibition ‘Threads of Nature’ at Spazio Nobile Gallery and his solo exhibition ‘Mother Earth’ at CID au Grand-Hornu no surprise.

We understand Hamacher’s innate love for nature when we learn his childhood was spent in nature by his forest ranger father in the Eastern Cantons of Belgium. When Hamacher creates, he creates a close and unique connection with each fragment of the trunk he sculpts, crafting unique stamped pieces, from his own creative mastery. His abilities with wood as a living material are the fruit of his energy and his imagination. Whether working with a tree trunk or branch or a piece of leather, for Hamacher it is essential to respect the authenticity at every step of the creative process.

The presentation ‘Mother Earth’ at CID au Grand-Hornu is exclusively devoted to Hamacher’s work. From a large installation which fills visitors with emotions that we feel in the great outdoors, to an extensive program of activities give visitors the opportunity to get right to the heart of the subject: different rooms and spaces in the show pay tribute to Mother Earth.

In similar fashion to CID au Grand-Hornu, Spazio Nobile presents ‘Threads of Nature’ which is a group exhibition exploring and reflecting upon interactions between humans and the natural environment. Hamacher’s work, which is part of Threads of Nature, refers to his aim to deepen the relationship between nature and humans. Hamacher reflects on his work: ‘’I try to create timeless objects in my tempo…The strength is to be found in serenity.’’

Threads of Nature is on show at Spazio Nobile Gallery until 18.07.2021 and Mother Nature is on show at CID au Grand-Hornu until 26.09.2021.

For all images courtesy of the artist, credits ©Jo Magrean


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