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Celebrating its 15th Anniversary in 2023, TLmag is a Yearly Edition coming out in November. TLmag Special Editions are unique publications that spotlight a specific brand or event. Read in-depth stories in this international biannual print and continuous online magazine dedicated to curating and capturing the collectible culture. TLmag has evolved since a decade with creative influencers, collectors, curators, artists, designers and architects that have shaped the contemporary art and design scene.

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Previous issues

TLmag #38 Origine /Origin
Autumn–Winter 2022
TLmag #29 Afriques /Africas
Spring–Summer 2018
TLmag #27 New New York
Spring–Summer 2017
TLmag #25 Alpine Creatives
Spring–Summer 2016
TLmag #23 All that Jazz
Spring–Summer 2015
TLmag #22 Great London
Autumn–Winter 2014
TLmag #21 New Nordic Luxuries
Spring–Summer 2014
TLmag #20 5 Years
Dec, Jan, Feb 2014
TLmag #19 Radical Design
Sep, Oct, Nov 2013
TLmag #18 Duo Design
Jun, Jul, Aug, 2013
TLmag #16 New Asian Talent
Dec, Jan, Feb 2013
TLmag #15 New Territories
Sep, Oct, Nov 2012
TLmag #14 Objects of Desire
Apr, May, Jun 2012
TLmag #13 Scandinavian Design
Jan, Feb, Mar 2012
TLmag #12 Special Asia
Oct, Nov, Dec 2011
TLmag #11 99 Design Duos
Jul, Aug, Sep 2011
Cover TL10
TLmag #10 Photography & Design
Apr, May, Jun 2011
TLmag #9 Glass Is Sexy
Jan, Feb, Mar 2011
TLmag #8 Inside Japan
Oct, Nov, Dec 2010
TLmag #7 Latin America
Jul, Aug, Sep 2010
TLmag #6 Slow
Apr, May, Jun 2010
TLmag #5 Light
Jan, Feb, Mar 2010
TLmag #3 Outdoor
Jul, Aug, Sep 2009
TLmag #2 Milan
Apr, May, Jun 2009
TLmag #1 Textile 2.0
Jan, Feb, Mar 2009