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Noémie Goudal: Soulèvements

Feb 25, 2021

RVB Books presents ‘Soulèvements’ by Noémie Goudal, a continuation of the artist’s large-scale photographic investigation into landscape and the history of the Earth.

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Text by TLMagazine

Noémie Goudal’s work investigates photography and film as dialectical images. Within her practice, the French artist constructs and reconstructs photographic images to form layered landscapes, questioning the potential of the image as a whole. In doing so, Goudal plays with notions of truth and fiction, the real and the imagined, to generate and offer the viewer new perspectives of the photographic canvas. 

As a continuation of her large-scale photographic project of the same name, Goudal has released a book, Soulèvements. Starting from archaeological finds revealing the existence of fossils on top of a mountain, Soulèvements is a reinvention of scientific interpretations about the formation of the Earth.

The book relates the History of Sciences and major geological theories, with references from philosopher Thomas Burnet’s Telluris Theoria Sacra (‘Sacred Theory of the Earth’) to Robert MacFarlane’s Mountains of the Mind. Throughout, Goudal’s own practice reflects the artist’s technical and research-driven enquiries that have resulted in an affinity for landscape and multi-dimensional constructions that are extended and refracted within her chosen exhibition formats. 

Through an installation of thirty mirrors, each photograph is sculpting the landscape, defying the gaze of the viewer and challenging the imagination. More than a photobook, Soulèvements is composed of a series of photographs and a separate booklet melting theoretical texts, an archive of scientific iconography, as well as images uniquely documenting the artist’s perspective.

Soulèvements is edited and published by RVB Books, and is now available through multiple book sellers. 





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