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On Repeat by Universal Design Studio

London’s Universal Design Studio teams up with co-working company The Office Group to mount On Repeat: an architecturally and interactively repetitive pavilion with public programmes through out London Design Festival.

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Text by
Photography by Andrew Meredith

Does repetition make us ill or does it soothe us? Though contemporary times demand constant change and reinvention, a continuous process can provide many with the ability to detach, focus, and develop new aptitudes. Exploring the conditions of frequency, London firm Universal Design Studio – originally founded by Barber and Osgerby with high-profile projects developed for Ace Hotel, Vitra, LVMH, The V&A, and the Frieze Art Fair – mount the On Repeat installation during London Design Festival this week. Developed with co-working company The Office Group, the ephemeral pavilion occupies a vacant driveway in London’s hip Shoreditch neighbourhood. Designed to evoke the theme of repetition, the semi-enclosed structures house a long working table. Above, the rectilinear timber-frame shell – itself a manifestation of architectural rhythm – is appointed with a growing installation of folded paper forms; moving in unison like wave rippling in the wind. Passersby or visitors attending an extensive calendar of public programmes, are asked to contribute and make their own folded form based on a repeated templated.

Set within this context, a series of workshops and events invite people to let loose and engage in repetitive manual tasks: everything from woodworking and sushi-making to mediative breathing sessions and talks that address the physical and psychological implications of repetition. This week, Sans Pere led a choux pastry workshop while Chris Connors discussed mindful relaxation. Still to come this weekend, Head and Hands’ Amanda Wayne will teach the craft of Ojo de Dios – a woven mandala made with yarn and wooden sticks. Anna Murray and Grace Winteringham will speak about how pattern creating can inspire positive change. Conceived as an element of social and interactive architecture, a retreat during the busy festival, On Repeat holistically embodies the main issue it addresses.

Black & White Shoreditch
74 Rivington St, London

On Repeat pavilion interior, designed by Universal Design Studio (7)
On Repeat pavilion interior, designed by Universal Design Studio
On Repeat pavilion interior, designed by Universal Design Studio (4)
On Repeat pavilion interior, designed by Universal Design Studio (3)
Hananh Carter Owers & Paul Gulati, Universal Design Studio
L-R Olly Olsen (TOG), Jason Holley (Universal), Paul Gulati (Universal), Hannah Carter Owers (Universal), Charlie Green (TOG)
On Repeat pavilion exterior, designed by Universal Design Studio

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