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One-O-One Travel Mug by Hangar for Acera

Inspired by a skyscraper and handcrafted in ceramic, the Red Dot Award-winning “One-O-One” is not your average travel mug.

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Text by Ray Hu

The typical travel mug is a purely utilitarian affair, made from rugged plastic or brushed steel, coated or printed with a graphic afterthought. Not so the “One-O-One” mug by Hangar Design Group for the Acera LIVEN collection. The Italian studio has collaborated with the Taiwanese brand, which is also based in Mainland China, for its expertise in ceramics.

The result is a handmade travel mug that is worthy of display (indeed a custom version has been produced for the Peggy Guggenheim Museum in Venice). Inspired by the tallest skyscaper in Taiwan — the Taipei 101, from which it takes its name — the “One-O-One” mug is characterized by its textural patterns. Meanwhile, the ceramic itself is enriched iwth white tourmaline minerals that help to purify the contents of the vessel. A handsome wooden cap offers material and color contrast.

The design by Milan and Treviso-based Hangar Design Group has recently won the Red Dot Design Award: Best of the Best 2016. The “One-O-One” travel mug is available now via the HDG online shop.

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