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BCXSY: Reciprocal Syntax

Reciprocal Syntax is an interactive installation, depicting the outcome of a creative exchange between two beings, through a metaphorical illustration of a concerted work process.

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Reciprocal Syntax is an interactive installation by BCXSY, depicting the outcome of a creative exchange between two beings, through a metaphorical illustration of a concerted work process. The installation was developed and realized in collaboration with Budapest based digital artists Gabor Papp, Gáspár Hajdu and Ágoston Nagy

As a cooperative of two imaginative individuals, the work process is often comprised of a continuous back and forth dialogue. Alongside more pragmatic manners, such as research and experimentation, the designers develop their own, rather intuitive, playful and abstract language. Engaged in this perspective, the definitions of our personal contributions become more and more obscure as our minds seem to resonate. Through a constant stream of exchange and reflections, bits and pieces start falling into place and distinctive patterns and narratives are conceived. It is as if a new, correlative universe emerges and encircles us – its creators.

The installation consists of a seesaw, surrounded by semi-transparent projection fabric suspended from a rectangular frame, resembling an immersive display case. A sensor integrated in the seesaw continuously registers parameters, varying according to the specific state of the piece at a given moment.

Once the seesaw is in use, visual elements are projected onto the suspended fabrics while a soundscape fills the entire space. The audiovisual content is real-time generated by processing the data collected by the sensor.

The users are not being given any instructions, but are rather left to explore and discover the effects of the interaction; as they go through an intuitive journey towards a common langue abstract landscapes, consisting of various elements, continuously evolve and transform around them.

Through the immense audiovisual content surrounding the two individuals on the seesaw, the installation provides a glimpse into our own creative-exchange and exemplifies the discovery, development, and use of a common language. It enhances their awareness and sensitivity while simultaneously illustrating the general public’s point of view, who’s multisensory experience depends on one’s perspective.

Reciprocal Syntax has been part of The Conversation Show, curated by Maria Cristina Didero for the Design Museum Holon. The project was realized thanks to the kind support of Adam Somlai-Fischer/ Prezi.com and the Creative Industries Fund NL.


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