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Rouge Hermès: Intimate Companion

Oct 25, 2020

Hermès, a house of objects since 1837, presents its sixteenth métier; Beauty. This first collection, Rouge Hermès, is devoted to the beauty of the lips.

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Hermès, a house of objects since 1837, presented its sixteenth métier earlier this year; beauty. The first collection, Rouge Hermès, is devoted to the beauty of the lips. Over five years ago Agnès de Villers, CEO of Hermès Perfume & Beauty, initiated and directed research and outcome in the spirit of excellence and integration of know-how that characterizes Hermès.

The elegant Hermès lipsticks prove objects in their own right, expressing an individual identity within the house’s principles. Meaning; they share a similar aesthetic of function as all other objects. “Our approach to beauty is fundamental. It is to reveal and highlight what is naturally there, with elegance, comfort, and pleasure. I like the idea of Hermès as an intimate companion, revealing one’s deepest self. I associate Hermès’ beauty objects with self-fulfillment, with the color of an individual’s personality,” asserts Pierre-Alexis Dumas.

The objects are created from noble materials -such as lacquered, brushed, and polished metal in black, white, or permabrass gold- they are assembled by hand. The result is a lipstick that is made to last. The sensual and fine textures of the sticks deposit color in a single stroke, with a matt or satin finish reminiscent of the house’d Doblis and Box leathers. In short, the carefully designed lipsticks express the house’s elegance, spirit, and imagination in 24 hues. A sophisticated selection which is inspired by the métiers of Silk, with the infinite richness of its color references (75,000 shades), and Leather (900 shades).

The collection is accompanied by a twice-yearly limited edition of three colors. In an elegant fashion, inside and outside, Rouge Hermès objects cultivate sensory appeal and attention to detail, right down to a miniature version of the famous orange box.

Other beauty objects accompany the lipstick and form the basis of a ritual: a lip care balm, Poppy lip shine, a universal lip pencil, and a lip brush in lacquered wood. A collection of leather accessories – cases and a moon mirror – invite movement. Other objects will be developed to accompany Hermès Beauty, which will be revealed every six months from September 2020 until a complete line of make-up is created.  The Rouge Hermès collection is available in selected Hermès stores and retail outlets in 35 countries.

“We approach this new métier in our own way, and with a great deal of pleasure. Hermès Beauty is part of who we are: a house where everything comes from creation, driven by artisans who seek to accompany the men and women of today with elegance, and with the integrity and authenticity that we represent. It is the quintessence of our affection for surprise and wonder, which embraces the object, its design, and the desire to be useful while inspiring dreams.”  -Axel Dumas, CEO of Hermès.


Rouge Hermès range of shades © Sasha Marro
Rouge Hermès lip pencil and lip bruch © Maud Remy-Lonvis
Rouge Hermès leather cases © Studio des Fleurs
Rouge Hermès Fall/Winter 2020 Limited Edition collection © Joaquin Laginge
Rouge Hermès Fall/Winter 2020 Limited Edition collection Rose Pommette Satiné © Joaquin Laginge
Rouge Hermès Fall/Winter 2020 Limited Edition collection Rose Ombré Satiné © Joaquin Laginge
Rouge Hermès Fall/Winter 2020 Limited Edition collection Rose Nuit matte © Joaquin Laginge

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