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Stockholm Furniture Fair 2023

Feb 7, 2023

The Stockholm Furniture Fair opens its doors from February 7th-11th, with a focus on all things Scandinavian. Coinciding with Stockholm Design Week, the 5-day event features exhibitions, installations, talks and more.

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The Stockholm Furniture Fair opens its doors from February 7th-11th, with a focus on all things Scandinavian. With more than 400 participants, including Hem, Artek, Kinnarps and Verk, the 5-day event features exhibitions, installations, talks and more. In addition, the Stockholm Furniture Fair coincides with Stockholm Design Week – a city wide event that includes more that 100 furniture brands, design studios, shops and museums participating with special installations and exhibitions.

The guest of honour at the Stockholm Furniture Fair (SFF) 2023 is Front, the design studio run by Anna Lindgren and Sofia Lagerkvist, and it marks the first time that a Swedish brand has been given this honour since the fair’s inception. Nineteen years after Front first exhibited its work at the fair at a small stand in 2004, the brand has grown exponentially, becoming a reference point for innovative designs and ideas, collaborating with leading companies, brands and galleries around the world. For SFF, Front is making an engaging installation that blends technology with weaving and embroidery along with a focus on nature. In some ways, Front is known more outside of Sweden than inside, thanks to their very international career, and so this installation offers a unique opportunity for Swedes to see Front’s visionary approach.

In keeping with the focus on Sweden, the fair’s main bar, Underbar (meaning wonderful in Swedish), is designed by Swedish interior architect Jonas Bohlin in close collaboration with Christine Ingridsdotter. The bar is made from carefully selected components, and all material will be reused once the fair is over. The bar will be a creative point of encounter for the fair’s exhibitors and visitors and there will be new work designed by Bohlin on view for the very first time. All the furniture in the bar has been designed by Bohlin & Ingridsdotter and made in Sweden.

Sustainability and circularity are the main themes across all the platforms, exhibitions and events of SFF. Other highlights include Älvsjö gård – new platform for experimental, research driven and collectible design. Set over 2 floors with 13 different rooms of an old manor house in Stockholm located near the fair – design galleries, makers, artists and designers will exhibit their work. Some of the exhibitors in 2023 include Tableu from Denmark, Pyton Gallery and Kiosken from Norway and Stockholm Modern, Coulisse Gallery and Veermakers from Sweden. The artist Fredrik Nielsen presents the installation Mixed Emotions, which was previously seen at the Loewe exhibition in 2022, and the curated exhibition New Narratives shows new and unique work from a number of Swedish designers and artists. Other exhibitors are Tokio from Slovenia, Navet from Sweden and the Swedish sculptor and designer Kajsa Melchior.

“Now or never – 1 kg CO2e” is an exhibition organised by designer and strategist Emma Olbers, which poses the question: ‘what impact does our furniture have on the climate?’ It will look at how different materials affect our surroundings and how our choices can make a difference. Some of the exhibitors include; Form us with Love, EY Doberman, Polestar, Doconomy and Nrep.

In addition, SFF held its first Scandinavian Design Awards, a new initiative to celebrate the best design, architecture and interiors in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. Winners in 8 categories were decided by a jury of architecture, design and art professionals across Scandinavia. Some of the winners included the Plus by BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) for Architecture of the Year, the Soft Serve lamp by Crème Atelier for the best Interior details of Year, and Folkform as Designer of the Year. Full results can be found on the SFF website.

Key talks and presentations will take place during the 5 days fair under the theme: How do we build and design for a better tomorrow? Some of the keynote speakers include Sabine Marcelis, Stephen Burks and Raw Edges as well as architects such as Anders Lendager and Victoria Millestrup from BIG.

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Anna Lindgren and Sofia Lagerkvist of Front, Photo by Christopher Hunt
Design By Nature, Front Design Studio, Photo by Andy Liffner
Design By Nature, Front Design Studio, Photo by AndyLiffner
Älvsjö gård
Installation of pieces by Folkform, winner of Designer of the Year award for SFF 2023
Tokio, Totem lamp, Part of the New Narratives exhibition at Älvsjö gård
Jonas Bohlin och Christine Ingridsdotter, photo by Martin Brusewitz
Stinarand at House of Gärsnas, 2023
Aerial view of Plus building by BIG, winner of the Architecture of the Year Award SFF 2023
CREME photosession 220521 Skärgårdsstad. Crème, Soft Serve Lamp, winner of the best interior detail award for SFF 2023

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