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Studio GGSV Conjure Up the Palazzo Stamskin

For this year’s Milan Design Week, the French duo took over the Spazio Big Santa Marta on behalf of Serge Ferrari’s upholstery fabric range

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Text by Rab Messina
Photography by courtesy of Studio GGSV

Gaëlle Gabillet and Stéphane Villard, the duo behind Studio GGSV, have a gift for imagining matrioshka spaces —that is, an entirely new universe built within the confines of an existing building. Fresh off their three-part series at the Centre Pompidou’s Galerie Party, where they reinterpreted the museum’s story for its youngest visitors, they have now taken over the Spazio Big Santa Marta in Milan to create another fantasy venue: the Palazzo Stamskin.

Based on Serge Ferrari’s upholstery fabric range of the same name, the Paris-based duo came up with an installation that stages “a dreamlike palace, a space full of extravagant shapes and colours, where visitors experience a wonderful journey through alluring compositions.” Playing with the depth of 2D images, they created a set of murals that turn walls into passageways to another reality, across time. The joyful palette that brightens the geometric elements jumps off the wide array of colours of the Stamskin range, used for outdoor furniture.

This immersive experience plays with the typology of the former dwelling, located in the 5VIE district: Who could live in a palazzo such as this one, with this particular combination of objects, odd shapes and arresting materials?

The installation has been extended beyond Milan Design Week: it is now on display until May 2.

ggsv stamskin
ggsv stamskin
ggsv stamskin
ggsv stamskin
ggsv stamskin

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