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Studio Swine x Cos

Apr 14, 2017

Narrative-based design duo Studio Swine collaborates with Swedish fashion brand Cos to mount New Spring; an interactive installation that expressed the ephemerality of changing seasons by emitting fragrances filled balls from a tree-like tube structure.

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Studio Swine collaborated with Swedish fashion house Cos to mount New Spring during Milan Design Week (4-9 April). The interactive installation emitted fragrance-infused balls from a ‘tree’ of arch-like branches. Visitors were able to engage with these droplets as if in the middle of a light snowfall in winter, when trees shed their leaves in autumn, or more aptly when Cherry Blossoms bloom during the Sakura festival in Japan. With this latest narrative-led project, Azusa Murakami and Alexander Groves (Studio Swine) looked to express the temporality of changing seasons; the excitement that comes with the first signs of spring. It’s no wonder that the London-based duo chose this theme when considering the time of year in which Milan Design Week takes place. “We wanted to encapsulate a lifespan emotions in an instant,” Groves and Murakami explained. “To create an experience that was fleeting, but in its time evoking joy and vitality.” Driving the concept of ephemerality home, the mist-filled ball would bounce off textiles but burst on human touch.

As of 2012, Cos has actively worked with emerging talents during Milan Design Week. In the past five years, the fashion brand has collaborated with Gary Card, Bonsoir Paris, Snarkitecture, Nendo and Sou Fujimoto. All of these installation-based projects have been Milan Design Week showstoppers.

COS x Studio Swine Teaser from Studio Swine on Vimeo.

COS x Studio Swine 02 040317
COS x Studio Swine New Spring 03
COS x Studio Swine 01 copy
COS x Studio Swine New Spring 05
COS x Studio Swine 02
COS x Studio Swine 03 copy
COS x Studio Swine New Spring 06
COS x Studio Swine New Spring 08
COS x Studio Swine New Spring 02 copy
COS x Studio Swine New Spring 01
COS x Studio Swine New Spring 04

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