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Thonet Antwerp

May 1, 2016

German heritage brand Thonet expands onto the Belgian market with a new Antwerp showroom.

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This month, German heritage brand Thonet expanded on to Belgian market with a new showroom at Antwerp’s Concept Gallery – a venue dedicated to highly selected survey of furniture and fittings. With 200 square-metres of space, the furniture heavy weight has since introduced an intermingling of classics, new home and office concepts. Jorre van Ast’s 1060 table (on show at Spazio Nobile Gallery in Brussels, 142 rue Franz Merjay), Thonet All Seasons outdoor collection, Bentwood sofa 2002, 808 lounge chair and KUULA lamp have joined recognised bentwood and tubular steel icons. Bauhaus era models like the Mart Stam S 43 and Miles van der Rohe S 533 cantilever chairs offer insight into the brand’s 200-year history.


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